Usability Feature Request: Please Prompt When Attempting To Warp With Drones In Local Space! :)

It’s So Easy To Leave Them Behind. Please Prompt When Attempting To Warp When You Have AN-Y Drones In Local Space. This Would Be Much Appreciated By ALnL! It’s One Thing To Leave Behind Drone 1s, Quite ANother To LEave BetHind/Behind Drone 5s! This IS A Simple Fix That Will Save Worlds Of Hurt And ANnoyance.;333

It’s not a bug nor an issue… and there is even a mechanic that automatically attempts to recall drones when you try to warp. So nothing that can be or even needs a fix.

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Even Though I Mentioned Fix In The Text, It Was Really A Feature Request. Why Did You Get So Defensive? I Speak From Personal Experience As I Have Lost 6 Or More Drones Without This Automatic Recalling You Speak Of, Activating, Despite All-Most All The Time Remembering To Recall Them Or Cancelling Warp Before I Lost Them. I Didn’t Use Any Foul Language Or Expletives Or Aggressiveness. Why Did You Get So Defensive? We ARE On The Same Side Here.

In Eve, mistakes have consequences. There are players who make a living scanning and collecting forgotten drones and MTUs. You can learn to use combat probes and do this yourself but the mechanic is working as intended and is unlikely to be changed.

So Why Didn’t People Say This In The First Place If This Is The Main Point? I Own-Ley Went From My Personal Experience And I Made A Feature Request. The Fix Bit Was In The Text And Was More Of An AfterThought. I Ask Again, Why Get So Defensive? Would You Rather New Players Never Make Usability Feature Requests Which IS What This Primarily Was?

If you had posted in New Citizens Q&A it’s likely you would have been treated more gently! The main forums are less forgiving, particularly if it’s the kind of request that appears over and over again!

A Google search would have shown you that this has been a much discussed topic for years. There are also lots of videos showing how to scan for and recover your drones, or simply create a temporary bookmark when you start a mission if you are prone to forget.

I First Of All Contacted Support. They Suggested I Post On The Forums, And Included The Link To This Forum. So I Posted It Here. When You Are New You Don’t Know Whether It Is An Intended Mechanic Or Not. Next Time I Will Do A Search For Any Further Suggestions I Might Have.

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Firstly, no. Either drones are right up next to you because all enemies are dead, or you’re warping off because you’re about to die. Consider drones to be ammo; you’re gonna lose them at some point.

Second, learn to type. Come on. That made my eyes bleed.

For the love of the :pray::eggplant::pray:Eggplant Goddess:pray::eggplant::pray: learn to type properly or no one is going to take you seriously.

I’m pretty sure it was you on an alt that posted another thread a few days ago with stupid capitalization like that. It was unreadable. I had to run it through software that converted it all to lowercase just to be able to read it without my eyes bleeding. I’m not going to do that a second time. If you don’t have the courtesy of making your post readable then we’re not going to give you the courtesy of reading it.

Also: Non-important/timely ideas go in Player Features and Ideas category. CSM isn’t going to take seriously general feature requires that aren’t significant and don’t have massive community support.

the idea will just end up being an annoying self-tackle that’ll cause OP to die, rather than just lose some drones.

I would also like any extra missiles to be returned to me before I warp off.

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Based on first principles (read “newbro” cough cough) there is a difference between ammo being used up when it is fired and craft being connected to your ship being recalled. Anyway, the recalling of drones in warp did not work at least 3 times so obviously it was not really meant to work, as implied by someone who “Do Little”:

“There are players who make a living scanning and collecting forgotten drones and MTUs.”

Anyway, it is obvious that this is flogging a dead horse, on both sides. I AM muting this thread and it would be better if this thread was closed by the mods.

Besides, the first time you leave a pair of Geckos behind and have to scramble for the nearest ship/ station with combat probes before they get “rescued” by another player, is the moment when learning an important part of drone management really strikes home.

…ever since, a mental checklist has been added to my warp out routine.:mask:

Drones in-align-repair-reload-check!

the isd may be thinking of fighters ; regular drones have no such auto-recall …
it’s best to hot-key drone functions and get in the habit of recalling them as soon as their work is done . and always check before you warp .
leaving expensive drones teaches most , the first time . some people are a bit slower … :slight_smile:

I’ve been there too, orphaned a lot of drones when I was new and not yet used to recalling drones before warping off. It is something you will get used to.

These days I sometimes still leave drones behind. But that’s because I want to warp off RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY. I do not want to get a warning prompt about cheap drones when I’m trying to warp my much more expensive ship to safety ASAP.

No support.

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