You are warping away from your drones QoL message spotted on test server



I propose additional messages:
“You are undocking with cargo that is too valuable - you at high risk of being ganked”
“You are in a mining barge and your dscan window is not open - you are at high risk of being ganked”


Kinda in two minds. Its handy probably when high but

the drone window already takes up too much realestate in an Arby

Meh, I know CCP is trying to make the game less impenetrable to newbros, but, imho, you can go too far with the hand holding.

The scrubs would ignore the warnings.


I also kind of wish CCP gave out bad advice on purpose. I think it would add to the charm of the game, and it makes me giggle just thinking about it.

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You are undocking in a ship that has no rigs

You are targeting an asteroid, are you sure you want to mine?


Remember when in Crimewatxh 1.0 when firing an asteroid was both possible and CONCORDable? hard times

You are about to log in. Are you sure y/n


Warning: character creation may result in forming a lifelong, very time consuming habit.


I really dislike CCP giving distribution mission runners a warning when they forgot the objective.
They’re all just making everyone less attentive instead of more attentive.

Wow! Where’s that from??

I don’t know. I think I found it on 9gag or something.

Oh well. Less abandoned drones in space to scoop for free for me, it seems.

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:red_circle: I miss big red dot in the message, otherwise you can easily overlook the message :red_circle:

Actually, good point,

Another Salvaging Nerf!

Darn it, I am going to miss that late Friday and Saturday night “drone rescue” work fostered by tired/drunk players. I was surprised on the volume the first few times I did it.

“You got shield and armor mods fitted… LOL!!!”

I like the warning. I’ve orphaned a fair amount of drones, but these days the only times I warp off without my drones is because I want to warp off right now, rather than wait for the drones. (Or my FC does. :frowning: )

For most people who have experienced leaving their drones behind this warning will not change much. However, it will be a massive help to any new player who’s trying to fight with drones for the first time. I know you’ve all lost a lot of drones that way, I have.