Early Warning System

I feel like some sort of alert system would be very useful for ships, like for example if a large group of ships is warping in, it’d be able to detect them and warn the ships they’re fitted to. I think a good way to balance such a feature would probably be a warp signature masker or whatever you’d call it, allowing ships to not trigger the alert system. It could also take up a high slot on a ship, so it reduces a ship’s potential for resource harvesting (probably because it’d be only miners and PvE players using it), and could only be fitted to ships of certain sizes. It’d take a lot of tweaking to make such a concept work properly, and I doubt it’d get added any time in the near future, but it’s, in my opinion, a cool idea that could allow for players to do more dangerous stuff with less risk. Or not, I’m completely open to criticism if you guys have any.

Active use of the directional scanner gives pilots a lot of warning already.

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Oh, I definitely agree, it’s just it does a really poor job of telling you if you’re about to be under attack. And also a lot of newer users don’t know how to use it, and a lot of more experienced players choose to ignore the fact that it is a useful tool for a reason

I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I feel we already have too many modules and like Malak_Starfire said, D-Scan already does the warning.

I assume I’m about to be under attack anytime all the time anyway. If someone is in Local I’m probably going to be attacked within a few minutes, especially in Lowsec or Null. I never hang in a system or belt or combat site longer than three or four minutes and even that is too long if I don’t want to lose the ship.

They will learn or die and die again and again and…

There’s multiple holes in this concept, beyond the fact we already have dscan and you can sit a scout on the gate to warn of approaching hostile gangs.
What’s the threshold for “a large number of ships”?
Most roaming gangs will have one or two dedicated fast tackle ships, interceptors and/or interdictors or the like. The main body of the gang won’t jump into system, or initiate warp to the targets, until tackle is established. By that time, it’s too late for your “early warning system” to be off any use.

I’m well aware of this, and again, I welcome all criticism. This is mainly just a concept, I highly doubt it’ll get added at any point, I just wanted feedback on it and see if the community thought it was a good idea at all.

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For the record, i think it’s a terrible idea.

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Well, I appreciate the feedback, I’ll file this one with “Horrible Ideas”

If you want to really learn how to deal with local and d-scan. Try living in a wh. After that, you will not fear high sec local.


Usually by the time you pick them up you’re already screwed…

I’m not going to argue the point since it is valid. But, and there always a but.

Diligence can pay off even high sec. With low volume traffic, it can easily be monitored. “If” I think a problem entered the sys, I’ll prep and even wait for them to show on grid before warping. A little extra salt for them.

Doesn’t work every time, but in the long run, it seemed to pay off.

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So you are griefing them gankers? That sounds nasty.


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The only way this problem can be solved is either with a Time Machine or asking Captain Hindsight.

„A large mass of ships flying to your grid“ could just be that there are 10 Ventures plus a Porpoise in a nullsec Trit-harvesting alt blob warping to your belt to hoover everything up.

Or they could all be cheekily fit with blasters to permabump or gank you.

The human brain makes the best snap judgement here, but it already has the tools necessary to do so.

I appreciate you spitballing ideas even if they don’t pan out.