Remote Scanners [eyes next door]

A deployable remote scanner would be nice to have as a solo pvp pilot.

Long story short, I don’t play with alts. There are several tools in game that a solo pvp pilot can use to generate content and strategically and effectively engage other capsuleers (and make it out alive if the defecation hits the oscillation). If someone wants to solo, the tools are there:

Mobile Warp Disruptors/ Warp disrupt probes - Stop the enemy within reach of my ship.
Combat scanner probes/directional scanner - find the enemy
ECM(drones)/micro jump drive - Get out if things aren’t going well
Many more…

But currently, the only ways to find out if you’re being baited into a gank is:
A. alt (or friend) with eyes next door
B. check zkill very quickly to see if the pilot is flying with a gang

It’d be nice to have an in-game option for keeping eyes next door (or further up the pipe for that matter). For you Star Trek fans, I’m talking about a listening post.


actually i like this idea.

in the game in news bulletins and such there has been talk about cloaked structures.

personally i think having a small structure like this, which cloaks when fueled would be a great way to go. it would finally bring the concept of cloaked structures to the players. also more use for the cloak detectors they came out with.

It’s a great idea, this would balance the gameplay between alts and solo papers.

But if and only if there is a cost to using those remote eyes, someone catching those remote eyes should feel like they caught something!

I agree, which is why i think they should be fueled and when fueled they cloak.

the vulnerability timer on a normal structure could be implemented here for a “scheduled decloak” meaning you can see it when its vulnerable, you can’t the rest of the time.


small point of clarification, in my humble opinion if these are not cloaked for the player the player base will interact with them the same way they do with mobile depos. either that of systems or regions need structures players can interact with which achieve the same function.

the latter would prevent structure spam as there is no point having 30 different groups all anchoring stuff in the same system or region and adding stress to the server.

cloak on it is not a good idea(not fair to PVPers) but fuel idea is a good idea. lets say you are mining and want eyes 2 jumps out you would need a LVL 2 skill in this item and then a module in your ship linking to this structure in a ship slot. a fuel bay in the structure that would burn fuel every time you wanted to see local chat or Deep scan local(maybe lvl 5 for this). having it always on is not fair to PVPers also you can only fit one module per ship.

my thinking was that it would decloak when vulnerable, this way PVP players could still pew and prevent a cool structure like this being killed every 5 minutes like a mobile depo, given some of the structure changes that were made. i feel it would need some kind of protection and by its nature its not some kind of death star.

another alternative is that it could decloak once every 3 hours for a 45 minute window, creating multiple opportunities for it to be attacked. it would need to be repaired before cloaking again.

but I’m just spitballing ideas here.

I had a launchable probe in mind, actually. Or a drone I could abandon and still get a stream of information from. This might even have to take up one of my highslots… a remote scanning beacon launcher of sorts. Or maybe even something along the lines of a deployable warp disrupt sphere, but instead it takes scans. People can probe them down and destroy them. Balanced. Fair.

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