Audio alarm for drones

I cannot count the number of times I have missed that my drones were taking damage in the heat of the action. I would love to be able to configure an audio cue that fire when (a) my drones are taking damage or (b) one of my drones got destroyed. Pretty please…

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This would be amazing, when they are targeted, when they have low shield/low armor. Exactly like when your ship is. I also wish you could customize these alarms. 50% shield/armor, any % damage, so on…

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This wouldn’t work.

If the sound thing is implemented, I’d like it to be upon drone destruction only. Otherwise it’s just a get-out-of-losing-drones-free card for noob cruisers and drone frigates that only serves to limit how far a dedicated player can come through practice and experience.

What are you talking about, there are audible sounds for your ships…which would, by your logic, only be a get-out-of-losing-you-ship-free card for players. This game is all about information. The more information you have, the better you can be. Whether the information is visual or audible, it is all used as a way to make you more informed and be able to be a better pilot. It needs to be able to be controlled though, we need to be able to set the information to our preferences, some people can’t handle audible alerts, however on the flip side, some people can’t afford a good monitor with lots of screen real estate to be able to set up their overviews in a way that provides them all that visual information. Having the ability to have more information (both visually and audibly) and then also control how much of it you use, is a good thing.

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This is a good point. I guess a better point against the drone audio thing would be to have them only emit one sound (maybe when they take armor damage? That way the player won’t be queued with too many sounds that might be shoved out by other warnings… I have taken damage fast enough to not even hear the armor alert before the hull one went off, and if the drone alert just happens to coincide with a “low shield” warning, especially on something like an XLASB cruiser, would the drone alarm be nullified? The shield alarm?

Oh absolutely, there is definitely the potential issue for too much information being thrown at you. Especially with 5 drones out. You are looking at potentially 6 alarms going off at any given moment. But that is absolutely why I would like to have complete control over it. Turn it on/off as I want. Change the tones/alarm sounds as I want. Change when it occurs. All of those things. I want them to add that control for your ship too…I would way rather have an alarm at 50% then at 25% shields.

Since right now I am mostly just running missions, the only time I really hit below 50% is when I forgot to turn my tank back on after changing systems. And then it is usually because the alarm goes off…which if I could set to 50% or 75% even…or hell an alarm at all 3, would be useful to me.

And I understand that would not be useful to everyone, which is why I want it customizable.

Oh yeah smartbombs XD

That is too much code requirements, I think

Well… then practice more. I think it’s 25% because that’s when passive shield tanks start to fail. If passive shield setups are recieving continual DPS in the upper range of what they can tank, it would really suck to have that 50% alarm going off every second.

Then… remember to turn it on?
I really don’t know what else to say. I’ve never seen anyone else complain about this before.

Not just you but I am so tired of the code/old code/too hard to code argument, that is not a thing. Any code can be updated, yes some is harder to do than others. But if the code is written in a way that stops it from being fixed/updated, it is BAD code and needs to be fixed/updated anyway to not be bad code. I know that is much easier said than done, but doesn’t change the truth of it.

I’m not saying everyone would want it like that, but my point about wanting the customization is valid. It would be better to be able to set it up how we want, individually.

100% this is my own fault when it happens, which is few and far between anyway, I was just using it as a basic example of a potential want for the customization. Not a good reason, but one nonetheless.

Fair enough, fair enough, and fair enough.

I assume you have all your sounds turned off?

They can just use the Zerg sound from StarCraft II: “Our Drones are under attack!” :rofl:

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That is funny.

I do not. That is an incorrect assumption.

Oh, so you don’t consider all the other sounds “get-out-of-losing-ships-free-cards” then?

No. I just feel that drones should be a more difficult aspect of PVP, one that can actually be improved through PVE by watching the drone window. Removing other sounds just makes it more annoying for mission runners who will have to repair their ship more, and also make the game sound pretty bland during combat, especially when zoomed out.

I think your basis of argument is flawed, warning sounds for item1 is fine, but not for item2, because that’s how you feel.

Also, there is no viable reason why any specific aspect, especially one that is so widely used in so many different areas should be:

what about PVE, exploration, mining, etc…etc…etc…

all of those things should suffer for what…some perceived need for something to be more difficult…

This is a good point. PvP is what I do, so a failed to take into account other activities. I guess PvE would suffer greatly from this, as it just becomes even more semi-AFK-able. Mining would suffer too, as it would become fully AFK. You could do work while your drones are out, and if they get shot you can just alt+tab to EVE and hotkey recall them.

Who uses drones for exploration? Most explo ships have drone bays, but when those drones are used they are under the PvE or PvE categories, right?

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