Offensive Salvage Drones

I’m thinking about a T2 or T3 Salvage drone which can be used in combat. It would need to be carefully balanced but-
Once the targets shields are down this drone causes a certain amount of damage, armor and possibly hull until the armor is gone then hull. It also has a chance, modified by one or more skills, to disable and retrieve a random module.

Nope, fit the right drones and don’t expect one ship to do everything.

So you want a drone that does damage and salvages? Or a drone that may, once shields are down (or armor is down) steal a module from the target ship?
The first may be sometimes perhaps useful if you have a ship with too little drone bay to squeeze some salvage drones, yet you want to salvage after fight. I don’t think it is going to be useful often, chance of retrieval from any reasonable wreck is going to be small enough it isn’t worth to bother and take these drones instead of ordinary T2/navy damage dealing ones.

The second sounds weird. So, the specialized drone thingy would disable or steal a module once shields/armor is gone? If it can steal the moment shield is done, this just destroys armor tank and wrecks balance. If it needs to wait for the armor to be destroyed, it is mostly just annoying - in a fleet stealing or not won’t change anything, in 1v1 it will be a cheap lucky shot.

I think OP wants these so he can steal them shiney purples in abyssal PvP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see it now. Eve Online front page: Goons encounters last opposing enemy fleet, enemy fleet left in shambles after opening engagement due to mass disabled ships.

So you want to get the Shield/Armor/Hull to take damage and then a chance for a module to be recoverable.

Isn’t that just blowing up the enemy ship?

Drones that insult people?

I’m all for it!

to juz wlasni starzy ci kurwo nie wystarczaja?

and these drone dock your ship when someone enter the system :slight_smile:

bad idea

+1 for making salvage drones cuss every time they miss a cycle.

…or laugh at you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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