Sound Library Guide

I would like to see ( assuming it doesn’t exist ) a library guide of the sounds in Eve Online. A user in rookie chat yesterday asked about sounds ( alarm beeps ) and I burnt a lot of brain cells trying to find anything with Google. All I was able to find, was the basic hamburger options to set the alarm sensitivity 0 to 100%. The user insisted the noise wasn’t; shields, armor, hull, cargo, or capacitor. What are some of these other noises? Where can I find them in a comprehensive list?

Note to CCP developer: It would be nice, if we users could change out our ringtones. You do know it isn’t 1980 anymore? I would hope the tech improves better than this in the future.

I used to have the hull alarm as my phone message tone. I didn’t find out another guy I knew was playing eve until I got a message and he was on his laptop and almost had a heart attack.

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No response, I am guessing there is no help in what all the bells and buzzers mean. I still think it would be nice to change these generic noises to something we could actually identify.

@0ptimus_Swine that is a funny story.

Have fun!