Posted in the wrong forum. Please consider the idea in the title Thanks


Five words

“Please let me AFK easier”



It’s not an alarm, but you already do hear a subtle ‘pop’ when a ship enters or leaves warp nearby.

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Lets make local work for afk pilots…



It already exists… ships woosh pop onto grid

More like “please let me know if an (uncloaked) ship arrives on grid while I’m hacking”. I hyperfocus on whatever I’m doing and tend to block out background noise, so a blatant alert would give me a chance to get away rather than the guaranteed loss I have now.

Failing that, give us the ability to switch between preset UI layouts so I can make a custom one for exploring null.

No ones forcing you to leave High Sec. The increased rewards of lower security space reflect the increased risk of those areas of space. Either accept the risk, find ways to mitigate the risk or stay in High Sec simple.

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