Suggestion about team invitation prompt sound

i think when players receive a team invitation, there should be a prompt sound. It is recommended that add a prompt sound when player are invited to team up in the game. hope ccp can add it.


You already get big fecking window in the center of your screen saying so and so has invited you to fleet?

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sounds to me like OP is AFK and wants a sound so he knows to come back to the keyboard.


yea when ppl waiting for fleet , they usually doing something else,they need a sound to notice them , back to eve to join the fleet

You could scrape the log and message / chat text file/API and have it play an audio file on your desktop player or a system audio alert?

tail | grep | alert

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it sounds very difficult for me ,need more computer skills, can you tell me the detail bout it ? ty

you don’t need a sound to alert you to pay attention to a game.

if there is a certain time the fleet meets up, you should already know that.

a sound to alert someone has never been needed and still doesn’t need to be here.

yea we need a sound to alert

I don’t know how useful this is, honestly. At least in my experience, I’m joining a fleet from the fleet window, not because somebody sent me an invite. I’d think someone being able to spam a noise on your system by repeatedly sending you fleet invites (until you click auto-reject or something would be really annoying.

if ppl thought it noise, also can turn that sound off

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