Audible Fleet Invite

[17:25:06] Esko Krividus > we should have an audible invited to fleet sound option
[17:25:54] Esko Krividus > UI Sound Level, UI Speech Level, and World Level while working on the level.
[17:26:04] Esko Krividus > or a combination thereof.
[17:30:23] Savoc Minithor > agreed

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#Data Processing
#RAM power per seconds of CPU use.

why? you already get a major pop up and if you are being invited to fleet you would think you should know before the invite. Don’t just post some random chat log explain exactly what you want and why it would be worth the development time/resources.

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Because when you already get a major pop up and if you are being invited to fleet random chat log explain exactly what you want and why it would be worth the development time/resources, you can’t see it when Google chrome is opened and you are looking at other EVE Online info, like, posting on [Mining Asteroid, Moon Mining and more].

To explain exactly what I want.
To explain exactly why it would be worth the development time/resources. we would have to do a feasibility analysis to find the benefit it would provide, and what those development time(s)/resources are.
To explain exactly what I want, it is to make it more efficient and to reduce the chance of missing fleet invites.

I currently only ask for another fleet invite, and I sometimes get it.
Sometimes I miss it, and the person who sent the invite has no way to tell when the invite arrives on the other end, and how long it is active.
I know that, since I often invite myself to fleet, and my alts accept the invite.
I usually get around 5 seconds delay, on my own cheap laptop, however, if the system dual client is overloaded, even if the overload only is on the receiving end of the fleet invite, it can be 1 minute or even longer.

There are also other occasions where it is more important.
If you say so, and you are the one who says so, as says who.

I think your problem would be solved via fleet adverts or you know… not alt tabbing after asking for an invite?

why are you in another window after you ask to join a fleet

because I didn’t ask to be in a fleet, and I was invited into a mining fleet which you are invited to come and spy on and destroy us all.
Thank you!

No but seriously, I was not invited into a fleet because I asked to be .
I just asked them to invite me again, and they did.
I even copy pasted the message.

that was the example you gave?

do people just randomly invite you to fleet with no prior conversation and what are you talking about with spying?

then what exactly is the issue?

No, it would be more efficient if there was an audible sound when the fleet invite is issued and arrives on your client.
It could be something like a short 0.3 seconds double sound.

i’m not understanding why such a thing is needed you should not just be getting random invites out of nowhere there should be some level of a conversation leading up to it

not trying to be an ass I am really just having a hard time understanding

They are not just invite out of nowhere, and they are not just random invites out of nowhere.
If you suggest this, I don’t.

Try to understand how you criticize me and check swollen with conceit, filled with self-importance, and without any proper understanding.
…gross infatuation with controversy and will endlessly debate meanings of words.
That kind of talk leads to envy, discord, slander, and evil mistrust…
…bicker because they are depraved in their minds and bereft of the truth…

Also, it should not be needed if it is a feature which is useful and is not designed to steal time of others, and is not designed to be stolen.

calm down mate and try not to read online posts with a tone.

this is what i’m confused about if you know you are about to get an invite then why are you alt tabbed

I actually found out about it after i did alt tabbed, but you try to suggest how I should talk.
Namely here, that I should be made to be seen as if I knew I was about to get an invite, when I didn’t know I was about to get an invite, that I did not alt tab, when I did, even though you word it differently.
I am calm, and most likely more calm than you.

It’s better you find someone else you get along with better to discuss this, because I don’t want to get my posts removed and get banned.

I get this all the time and it’s never going to be worth it, not for 100 trillion, not 700 trillion.

so wait did you ask for the invite or not? if you did how did you not know it was coming?

  1. no
  2. no
  3. no

that’s what i’m not understanding why are you just getting random invites without asking or no communication before the invite

again no

you’re simply making deliberate wrongful, misleading and false assumption and try to portray them as otherwise, which is not healthy.

Good night.

let’s back up

you do not ask for an invite so you do not know one is coming right?

you are then alt tabbed and you get an invite without knowing.

you then ask for an invite and get one sent

is this correct?

no, and I don’t have the time for this.

The internet is shutting down and I have to leave.

Find someone else, I’m done.

someone else is going to have to explain what I got wrong with this then. i’m doing my best to understand what you are saying through the broken English pretty sure you are interpreting me as being more hostile than I am

I don’t, and you also are trying to troll me and being deliberate about it.

there is no trolling going on I am having a hard time understanding how you are missing an invite if you know its coming or why you are getting one you don’t know is coming. this is why I asked just to back up and try again

okay you didn’t ask but were invited

you were alt tabbed when you got it

you then asked them to resend it after you noticed and they did.

what part am I not understanding