Jump into Pochven without consent

Well, every new player is asked if they really want to jump into Lowsec or even a highsec System with some Triglavian activity, but they just can be lured into a fleet and be jumped without consent into Pochven and then just shot down?
Proposal: Either get rid of this tedious “do you really want to …” questions or deploy warnings when danger is imminent.

You clicked undock, that’s your consent.


Vigilance is king in EVE. Don’t accept random fleet invites that you were not expecting or requesting.


Iirc if you set safety to green your fleetmates cant force you to jump via filament.



Welcome to EVE! :wink:


You consent to everything in the game by clicking Undock.

The pop-ups help newer players. Obviously the devs think they’re important or they wouldn’t have put them there.

You undocked.
You joined their fleet.
You turned your safety away from green.

The first is consent for PvP. The second is consent for allowing your fleet members to move your ship around with group warps and group jumps. The third is consent for doing more dangerous things like filaments.

Do not fleet up with people you don’t trust, they can group jump your ship away, filament your ship away or warp your ship away. And they can indeed also filament your ship away. You would be surprised how many capital ships got destroyed because the owners accidentally accepted the wrong fleet invites. If you don’t trust people with the value of your ship, do not join their fleet.

Also if you want to be safe from filaments, keep your safeties to green. Simple. :wink:


OK, green safety is a good hint.

I’m not a new player (though we talk about a very young char in a starter corp) and the loss is not a problem at all. It’s my fault, I’ve broken my rules “don’t do carebear things on a saturday” and “don’t fleet up with strangers in uncommon ships”. It’s just the community in my remote sector was very nice the recent months, so I got too trustful. Anyway.

What I think about is the mismatch in the warning system: Alert if you pay 20k ISK for a module instead of 10k, but none if you are teleported by another person. The target was obviously a newish player, and that kind of griefing is not helpful to keep them in game.

That guy was good. And I was watching EURO.
What happened to the good old honest gank?

Maybe this is an advanced lesson from the New Halaima Educational Institute for new players to learn the ins and outs of New Eden activities (though maybe they belong to a different school while teaching valuable lessons to new players nevertheless).

While ganking teaches them to be wary of their surroundings, fleet awox teaches them not to trust anyone blindly, especially not random strangers.

An utmost valuable lesson especially at an early stage in a capsuleer’s career, especially as whatever rookies lose is probably easy to replace (even if they don’t feel that way at the moment).

If I shoot a Newbro, I usually give some starter ISK and tell them what they did wrong instead of blackmailing them, because I’d be happy to meet in a year another happy pilot.

Let’s try a different approach: If you set your saftey to yellow, how about the idea this could automatically switch off warnings (my original intent)?

And by which logical reason can you be teleported through space by your fleetboss but don’t get your fleet through any stargate or wormhole by fleetjump? Botting? Multiboxing?

By the logic of old spaghetti code.

If gate jumps were designed nowadays your fleet boss could probably do it, like they can take your ship to different systems instantly with conduit jumps and filaments.

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Yes, play the game completely solo at all times.

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I have to admit, that kind of gave me a chuckle…

Not at all. You just need to realize that you are someone else’s content in this game.

This rule applies to all of us. There are no exemptions.

Not even CCP. :wink:


But the content does not have to be destructive. I think I’ve met more nice neighbours than malevolent players in my home systems.
And in these cases, cooperation was fun or at least helpful. Too much mistrust makes you lonely, so I try to find a balance. Some lost ship is a bargain price for that.

The content does not get to decide what kind of content it becomes.

To most of us, you’re nothing more than an advanced rat. A fancy bot for us to shoot. I’ve also found that the more NPC like the player’s behavior, the louder they screech when they become someone’s content.

You mileage may vary though.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :blush:

Some are more advanced than others. You’ll notice some players aren’t even advanced enough to have different dialogue. It’s always, “grr ganker” and “whaaa, my ship bowed up”