The "You will be terminated" message is scary to new players

Since I started playing EVE and my friend more recently, we always get spooked by the global message of someone hostile entering hisec space. “Random name, you have entered this space. Leave now or you will be terminated.” My friend got so spooked he docked right back in. Why cant CCP make this message more subtle to a passer by? Why a random venture pilot needs to be informed that someone will be terminated? And the message is so short, when quick reading it seems like you are the one about to be blown up.

edit: What the hell is going on here?!


Read slower?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


An even more scary thought: gankers will not announce their intentions before they warp to you and terminate you with extreme prejudice. :eyes:



It’s true. But then again, it’s not a problem since I consider the ship I’m in space with lost until I dock. Sometimes I fly with the Overview hidden and no D-scan, through hisec or low. I usually don’t fly anything so expensive that I need to be on edge or even aware.


I agree that issuing the message to random people is a bit pointless…but they are not always random people. It is, for example, extremely useful in a fleet to know that one of the members has some violation and my get blapped if the fleet hangs about at a gate. There may be other such contexts too…so I’d imagine the system errs on the side of caution and notifies everyone. We don’t really need extra code slowing the system down trying to work out who ‘needs’ to know.


Then people will say it’s not forceful enough.


Why should it be more subtle? It’s a stern warning to a criminal who entered space they are not allowed to be in. Especially the random poor Venture pilot needs to be warned that a criminal entered the system because those poor random Venture pilots are potential targets for the criminal. Obfuscating that warning does the poor random Venture pilot no good; quite in contrast, it makes their lives harder.

Instead of making it more subtle, CCP should make it bolder. Especially by color-highlighting the pilot in question to make it crystal clear who this warning is targeting.


Tell your friend that EvE is a game - unkind to people of a nervous disposition, that’s true - and that losing a ship is part of the game. That, or he/she won’t last long.

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That message has been dumb since the dawn of time. It in no way states the name of the player in question I’m dumb and is worded in a way that it makes one think it’s about them. The ONLY reason most of us don’t care is because we learned it’s dumb and just ignore it but for a real newbie they will surely go “wth, what did I do?”.

Very easy to fix by just changing the wording but it’ll never happen because the Null lobby doesn’t care about it.

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It does.


I can’t even remember, that’s how I zone out from it.

Still, it’s not exactly great. It would be better if the announcement would be worded in a way that it’s OBVIOUS it’s not about the other players.

the only improvement I’d suggest is to put the name of the person in a different color, for readability, and for the very very nervous :grin:


It’s a message from NPC to a player. It isn’t a “problem”.
I didn’t think of scurring away the first time I saw it.
If in doubt, refer to your Standing with the empire of the space you jumped in.
If one doesn’t know where he stands before jumping into a system then the issue is with the pilot not the game.


Data from [Oxford Languages]


It seems this little thing goes a long way to establish a feeling.


I agree, it isn’t a problem. Hasn’t been for two decades.

I agree as well. Also bring back the spookier soundtracks, and the less-of-a-cheerful-stfu-gps-lady-voiced Aura !


Absolutely, I even remember some really nice tracks from Freelancer once you entered the borderland systems… sound is a VERY important factor for immersion and EVE lacks that a bit. I always loved the Jukebox and had some of the darker soundtracks on the list to repeat.

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That’s by design.

New Eden is NOT a nice place.

–Gadget suggests reading some classic Judge Dredd


The better question would be “why is my friend scared of a video game?”

This isn’t normal behavior. Even when I was 12, if I saw something like that in a game, I’d want to go out and investigate, instead of shutting off the game, boiling a warm glass of milk, and drinking it while quietly sobbing from underneath my bedcovers.

On the plus side, if you like hunting criminals etc thats a good notification to see.


Calm down miner.