[Suggestion] Simple warning for negative standing cyno jump

It is very popular to open Cyno Beacons for trapping newbie capital pilots with confusing name in it (to avoid toxic discussions I was one of them).
Same tyme in game we have a lot of warning like jumping to low/null-security systems, market warnings etc.

Why don’t just add information warning window if pilot by mistake or any other reasons going to jum on neutral or negative standing cyno beacon?

Yes, it still can be trapped by fleet invite, but that’s another story, at least you should accept this fleet invite.

My personal story, I pressed right mouse butoon to check beacon info (yes, it was stuid) and instantly jump to trap. Also, right mouse click to active jump is not good idea too.



Sounds like working as intended.


Pro tip, remove jump fuel from jump fuel bay if in doubt.

I found your problem.


please, delete the word ‘newbie’. No one wants to trap newbie pilots only, the trap is set for all of them.

Eve is full of decisions… you decided to jump to a cyno beacon - that’s always risky as it might be camped even if not set up by hostiles. Instead, use a cyno character and light your cyno at a safe place and you can jump without any problems. If you don’t have a cyno alt ask someone in corp to light a cyno for you.

“Are you sure you want to jump to this cynosural field? It may put your ship in danger!”

I would think that it is obvious by the time you can fly a capital ship that there are risks when you jump blind to a cyno.

And if it isn’t obvious, I guess jumping to it is a very quick way to learn.

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I’m sorry… how exactly is a new player jumping to a trap Canon?

This sound a lot like “I’m an idiot please protect me” not “think of the newbie”

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Why would you jump to a cyno you or one of your corp mates hadnt opened?

Null Bloc Krabs need not apply to this question.

Null bloc, but no krab, so I’ll apply:

Sometimes you’re jumping in a direction that not just you or your corp mates move in, but also your alliance and allied alliances (coalition) that may technically not even be blue to you.

In such scenarios it can happen that you jump your capital ship to a cyno created by someone who is not you or your corp mate, nor even alliance mate.

Of course a smart capital pilot will check the destination, will ask others to verify the cyno character, check the system of the cyno character and if possible very the location of the cyno character with a second account or close trusted friend.

Others just jump. And that often goes well, until it doesn’t.

Me no comprehende, soz.

But yeah, if you dont triple check where you are jumping, and you like jumping to untrustworthy beacons I guess thats on you.

Figurative “you”, not actual you.

Just shows how long its been since I jumped anything, I still thpught you had to be in fleet and jump to the specific person.

TIL huh

I’m still relatively new to this ‘jump’ thing, but it seems you can jump to anything that is:

  • active cyno in fleet
  • anchored cyno deployed by someone who (used to be) in fleet
  • cyno beacon (which aren’t in fleet at all)

For the first option you indeed need to jump to a specific person, but for the last two options you’re not jumping to a person. The second option does have the name of the owner of that anchored beacon on it though.

Ok cool, I didnt know that. Thats a new one on me

Can we also get a warning when we undock if anyone with negative standing is in the region?

Id prefer it if overviews couldnt be customised but whatever makes things easier for you.

This is a harsh game, with big punishments for big mistakes. Warning messages like the one you’re proposing hold player’s hands, and take away from the experience. If I had my way, there would be no more warning messages of any kind, no aggression safety, and certainly no “Are you sure you want to jump to this beacon? It was anchored by hostiles!” alert.

Also, our beacons are open to the public, for your moving convenience. We would never hurt anything that came through, it’s perfectly safe!

Trust me :slight_smile:

Mistakes provide content, we need more interesting opportunities for mistakes, not less. The game would become boring fast if nobody ever made mistakes.

The change of turning nullification and warp core stabilisation from passive effects to active modules is a good example of such interesting opportunity for mistakes.

Cyno jumps are another interesting opportunity for mistakes.

And a warning when you’re about to make a mistake would take that opportunity away.

There should be a warning when you open the EVE client, with no way to disable it.


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People would still complain despite the unskipable warning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait I just realised this is neither a Crime nor a Punishment but a Suggestion.

Wrong thread.

Please move.