Problems with Capital Cyno-Jump

I’m trying to jump from a low-sec system to a cyno with my dread. I checked the distance with “Dotlan” and “jumpplaner2.4.7”. Skills are all entered correctly. The same system is specified as the target system for both. Fuel is checked and yet I keep getting the following message “This jump destination is inaccessible to your ship due to mismatched jump harmonics.”

What is it that I am overlooking?

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thanks in advance

this will, help those ppl who play the game.

While I’m not sure what this exact error message means, jumping could not be possible due to:

  • ship not in fleet with the source of cyno
  • destination outside jump range of your current skills (but probably not the case now as you checked that)
  • destination system is cyno jammed
  • destination grid is cyno jammed
  • not enough capacitor
  • not enough fuel of the right type
  • ship otherwise scrammed, bubbled or blocked from jumping
  • wrong type of cyno. Dreads can only jump to regular cynos, not covert or industrial
  • … and probably some more that I’m missing

I couldn’t find much about the meaning of your error message aside from that it was added in the same patch that gave us covert mobile cynosural beacons. You’re not accidentally trying to jump to a covert cyno?

thx both of u.
Gerard u hit the point… i fit the wrong generator !
I’ll probably fly with glasses in the future.

thx and fly save

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