"This jump destination is no longer valid" when JF trying to jump to covert cyno

Hi Eveyrone,

This is my first time trying to jump a JF to low-sec from high-sec. I learned that with the 2019 September patch, JF can now jump to a covert cyno. I tried but it didn’t work. I kept getting this message “This jump destination is no longer valid”. Yes, I had both the cyno and JF pilots in the same fleet and the jump point is within my jump range. And yes, I do have enough fuel in the fuel bay for the jump I wanted to make. Am I missing something here? Please don’t bash me as I am still trying to learn. Thank you!

I think you will find you learned wrong, and will need an industrial cyno to jump to, see here.



AWwwww, that wasn’t obvious. all google search pointed to the september 2019 patch but not that. thanks for letting me know! Hope this will also help the next JF noob that comes along.

so i guess the cheapest way to light an industrial cyno is to use a Venture? any recommendation for what the cyno alt pilot should fly to light the cyno?

As of November 2019, Industrial Cynos can also be fitted to Ventures, and the Venture has a role bonus which cuts the Industrial Cyno’s Liquid Ozone cost in half.

As of the September 2019 release cynos can only be fitted to Force Recons and Black Ops Battleships. (Prior to this release, cynos could, and commonly were, fitted to any ship with enough CPU and cargo space.) Both Force Recons and Black Ops (except the Marshal) have 50% reduced cycle time for cynos (both normal and Covert), but Force Recons add an 80% fuel cost reduction on top of the reduced cycle time (reducing the duration to 5 minutes and only 50 Liquid Ozone).

For Covert Cyno
Those are Black Ops Battleship, Blockade Runners, Covert Ops Frigates, Force Recon Ships, Stealth Bombers, and Strategic Cruisers (with the covert subsystem); further, the single hulls Etana, Prospect, and Rabisu

Only Black Ops battleships can jump and bridge to covert cynos. Black Ops Battleships can only bridge ships which are able to fit a Covert Ops Cloaking Device (it doesn’t have to be fitted). Bridges by Black Ops only last 20 seconds. For more details about bridging mechanics see the below section about i


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