Black Ops Jump and Industrial Cynos

The Black Ops Battleships can jump to regular, industrial, or covert cynos. Is there any reason why they’d want to jump to an industrial one? They obviously can’t carry much cargo for long distances. I suppose you could try to help a friendly DST or whatever who got attacked and then asked for help, but that seems more likely to add an extra victim(s) unless you have a team that is prepared for a rescue op, which would mean sitting around in a black ops battleship ship for hours waiting for a call for help instead of whatever black ops battleship pilots do, so that’s not practical.

Just because its an option, an emergency industrial cyno to GTFO or recover a fleet, would rather have the option than not have it

I can’t argue the option existing helps.

Now I’m waiting for the story of a DST, Sigil, or Venture who saved 3 of his corp’s black ops after they did a successful something only to find out the guy who was originally supposed to get them out got killed.

Lol sure you would.

Well yes, i mean, any black ops owner would rather have the option, even if i’m never likely to need it :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re best used for midpoint jumps where their cargo hold helps with the jump fuel.

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Wait, an Industrial Cyno is lit by an… Industrial (and Ventures), so how can they work as a mid point for Black Ops? They would have no way to reach the final destination other than gate jumps. I’m a bit curious what settup you imagined.

An industrial or venture can be a bait cyno.


Yes, they can bridge industry ships like Blockade Runners around and thus should be able to bridge and jump to one.

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I take it no one in here does much black ops?

people are far more likely to engage an industrial than a recon the nereus is one of the most common because it can get a ridiculous level of passive shield recharge. but another common one is the PI hauler. you can get an okay tank and no one things twice when they see it sitting off a poco in system.

but just go gate to gate in an industrial and when you come across a gate camp ‘mess up’ the mwd cloak trick and wait for them to start engaging then pop goes the cyno.

Mining barges used to be the go to before the cyno changes. a proc sitting in belt or going gate to gate would draw loads of attention.

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