Rebalance of Industrial cyno to allow Rorquals to jump to it

The headline says it all …

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May as well just reverse the cyno changes at that point entirely. The new defense/dropper meta would become: battle Rorquals dropped by brick-tanked T1 haulers. Probably utilizing it’s Jump Clone + Ship Maintenance bay to provide standard cynos for escalations when needed.

I personally think the cyno changes were dumb all around, but if they are sticking with those changes they should be treating the Rorqual like all other caps. It’s powerful enough as a combat ship to be considered something in between a carrier and a FAUX.

I’d argue the biggest mistake with the industrial cyno was it’s name. Calling it a “Logistics” cyno, or something along those lines, would have been more accurate. After all, it’s purpose was to allow Jump Freighters to move around, not to support what the game usually calls “industrial” ships.

Also letting blops jump to them was weird. But I suppose there had to be something off about it, or it wouldn’t have been approved by CCP QA.

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Except for a reason.
Why should CCP “rebalance” industrial cynos to allow Rorquals to jump to it?

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