Need help with cyno jump

i have a rorqual, that i have jumped prior, about 6 months ago,
trying to move to new location, fuel and jump distance is all good,
but when i try to jump to an industrial cyno, that i’ve been told should work,
I get the message; this jump destination is no longer valid.
any ideas?

Then someone told you a lie. Industrial Cynos only work for Jump Freightrers and bridging covert things via a BLOPS bridge. Rorquals are combat-capable ships and can only use the normal cynos, which can only be lit on Force Recons and Black Ops battleships.

thanks, sort of guessed that would be the conclusion, which is painful as i spent all day setting up cyno ships :frowning:

Better make sure you choose locations where you don’t lose your expensive force recon with every cyno. :slight_smile:

will do while you sleep :wink:

omg more than i was expecting

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