New to Capital Ships (Rorqual) - Need Help

Recently, I purchased and fitted out a Rorqual. There is a lot of information out there on cynos, but with the major changes made recently, I’m having a difficult time honing in on exactly what is accurate information. The questions I’m trying to answer are the following:

  1. Do I need Cynos to travel between points in-system? Does this include stargates and stations?
  2. Do I actually travel through stargates or does the jump drive allow for “skipping” some stargates in travel? If so, how does one calculate the LY range between jumps?
  3. Is it correct that ONLY Force Recons and Black Ops ships can fit the regular cyno generators needed to jump the Rorqual in and out?
  4. What are your recommendations for a good logistics ship to either transport mobile cyno beacons or set them up (the only mining barge capable of moving one around is the Makinaw, but would only be able to carry one mobile beacon)?

Been trying to research as much as I can on my own, but I want to make sure that I have this information right before I do something to really screw myself up. Any help is much appreciated!

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You should probably not own a capital before knowing the answer to these questions :joy:

1: No

2: Jump drives let you teleport from 1 system to another based on LY regardless of gate routes

3: Yes, except for mobile cyno beacons which any ship with 400m3 of cargo can anchor

4: I used a max cargo fit Astero when I had to move my Naglfar around via mobile cynos, cuz of cloak, but whatever works for you


Thanks! That’s all really helpful. Regarding your first statement, I know what you mean - I more just wanted to confirm this information as I kept seeing a lot of different information around.

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  1. Within a system you can warp.
    (But be aware of your slow warp time, bubbles and people jumping into system arriving at your destination waiting for you while you’re in warp).

  2. You can technically travel through stargates but you don’t want to. Jump drive allows you to jump from system to system (you can see your range when you open the ingame map) so you want to travel your cyno ship to the target system, light the cyno and jump your capital directly to the cyno rather than taking gates.

  3. Correct. Force recons and black ops can light regular cynos and those are the only cynos on ships a Rorqual can jump to. You can also jump to cynos from the mobile cyno beacons (consumable deployable) or the upwell structure pharolux cyno beacons, although the latter are often too dangerous to use.

  4. A fantastic ship to transport and set up mobile cyno beacons is a blockade runner. Nullified, aligning within 3 seconds, covert ops cloak, these ships are nearly impossible and can bring many many mobile cyno beacons. An alternative is to use a ship that can defend the cyno beacon, but it’s a consumable item that has served it’s purpose once your capital has jumped to it, so you could just as well let it die when attacked. :stuck_out_tongue:
    It’s much cheaper to use recons to light a cyno, but mobile cyno beacons are a good alternative in situations where you see a risk of your recon dying.


Dotlan has a great jump planner.

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