How to move Rorquals now?

I came back to the game, trained into, and got a rorqual. Can’t go anywhere with it though.

These new cynos rules just toasted my reason and previously laid plans.

How do people move Rorquals around now? They are too big to JF packaged, too big for obelisk.

I’m not about to bug a group of guys for hours on end just to move my stuff I could have done alone.

So how are these moved around now? And don’t say BLOPs or whatever. Because that’s just dumb and will never happen.

Recons or Blobs. Those are the options.

Where the hell are you moving it, that will take a Rorqual hours to get to? With it’s long range and fatigue reduction, you could probably move it a full circle around the map in that time-frame.

I’m not going to bother a bunch of other people in the game to do something so basic as to move a ship around though.

Cant even repackage it and move it like that.

Thanks anyway guys. I guess the answer is I am out of luck and I wasted my time training for it.

I must be missing something because I don’t feel the changes were in any way reasonable.

If you choose to look at it that way, that’s your call. I certainly wouldn’t feel like it would be a problem to help somebody move, or ask for help with the same.

The reality is that the Rorqual is a very powerful ship. It’s not unreasonable to expect it to require a bit of support to operate.


If you are afraid to bother a few people you shouldn’t be flying capital ships indeed


It’s the extent of the trip that I would gladly do on my own. Which I could have done before CCP broke this.

I do realize for day to day operations I would need support. But just to move it so I can start having some fun I shouldn’t need to bother people or get them to risk their ships.

But just to move it. That’s CCP going too far. It was already a time sink to move it before the changes.

Someone told me Ventures with Cyno V can do it but I’m pretty sure that’s BS.

What do you mean, bother other people? We trade cynos all ■■■■■■■ day. This is life as a cap pilot. CCP didn’t break anything, they just made it more expensive, but ISK is irrelevant. If you fly caps, you want at least one, preferrably more Recon alts.

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This gives me an idea for a cyno service…


People crying about their capital ship isk-farming problems always brightens my day. Sorry OP - no pity from me.


Did they do away with system cyno beacons? D:

If you are rorq mining with peeps who aren’t organized enough to have a cyno beacon setup then perhaps that was your first mistake…

Are you asking free Cynos? Then yes- it might start to bug people. But if you are paying isk for their service- you wouldn’t be bothering anyone. Tons of people are trying to “work” in-game to make isk. I mean, if I thought there was decent isk to be made offering Cynos, I’d totally skill toward that.

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Your choices are

  1. stop whining and crying like an entitled baby and get a Recon alt to light cynos


  1. take gates
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Solo Cap Pilot Entitlements

Reason #54609540984730957863094856309547 to remove all gathering ability from Orca and Rorq.

Return them to being pure command/support ships.


a dst or redfrog

get frogged.

EvE is not for you.

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I guess i’m out of the loop… what changed so that you can no longer move your rorq?

Cyno ships are expensive now. (Possibly an understatement.)

Well…caps can use gates now…so…Leeeroy Jeeenkins?

Really? When did that happen?