How to move Rorquals now?

Do eeet!

How can they move 1,300,000m3 though? What I’m getting at is if I can fit it in a freighter or something packaged I can scoot it through low sec.

Is there where a bowhead or Orca would do the trick?

This kinda went more towards the cyno change. Which was an option before.

I don’t see what the problem is, if you’re okay with taking a freighter through lowsec what’s wrong with taking a rorq through lowsec? Why can’t you just jump through the gates with your rorq?

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all you need is a venture with an industrial cyno to move a rorq or industrial, blockade runner, or deep space transport. venture seems the cheapest option.


Doesnt work

Industrial Cyno:
Generates a cynosural field for jump drives to lock on to as their target destination. Industrial Cynosural Fields are specifically attuned to support the jump drives of Jump Freighters.

That’s cute. And I dont mind going from a HS gate to a station in a very quiet system

guess they nerfed or changed their minds then as it was planed for rorq’s too but since all capitals should be removed from the game anyway i do not follow every single change.

It was never planned for the Rorqual. This feature was always aimed to exempt Jump Freighters from the capital-targeted cyno changes. (The Rorqual being one of said capitals.) Indeed one could argue the Rorqual was the main target, as the hope was that this would make super-capital umbrella protections less oppressive, and the Rorqual is arguably the ship that benefits most from those protections.

It’s just the crap name they chose for the new cyno that confuses people.

a deep space transport is the cheapest ship that fits a cyno, you can also ask redfrog to transport it, or just be patient and fly it around

No… just No… jeezus… first things first, a Cyno does NOT fit on a DST, it just doesn’t.


Secondly, for an industrial cyno it is possibly the most expensive ship you can fit one to:


But has has already been mentioned (and I think is the OPs issue) you can’t jump your Rorq to an Industrial Cyno.


And how do you suggest they would be able to move it? Cause afaict a repackaged rorq (@ 1.3mil m3) won’t fit into anything:confused:


So I’ve been doing some reading and I guess Rorquals have some decent enough stats where they can be used for PVP.

So the cyno changes are legit I believe.
Also they are just as big as an Anshar packaged.

Just coming back to the game and was gunning the Rorqual back then. Trained some skills while away and was super pumped to do my first jump. Totally crushed :frowning:

Only a matter of time anyway. So no biggie. Plus sold the Roqual for a 200 Mil profit anyway. score!

industrial cynos only work for jump freighters - no other ship class.

Everything else, absent an anchored beacon, has to use the “expensive” option.

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