Cyno - How to move my dread

So I’m about to purchase my first capital ship, the Revelation.
I’m a bit lost though since the update to the cyno logistics.

Can someone please tell me exactly which ships can light a cyno for Dreadnoughts?
I understand a Rapier and Falcon can. Are there any others?

I assume the cheapest is around the 400mil ISK mark now?

Thanks in advance.

I hope this is an forum alt of yours xD

Haha it is indeed :slight_smile:

Force recons (Arazu, Rapier, Falcon, Pilgrim)

Cyno beacons.

Thank you. They’re all like 400mil isk ships aren’t they?
Damn these changes :frowning:

ISDs, can you please move this thread, it doesn’t belong in the newbie protected zone.


I’ve reported your post:



and Black Ops battleships (Panther, Sin, Widow, Redeemer … and Marshal)

They’re even more expensive! haha.


A question about “moving a dread” does not belong into a New-Player-forum.
Even IF you were a new player, this is not “new player” material at all.
Dare I say a new player with a dread won’t have it for very long. :slight_smile:

Tipa asked to have the thread moved …
… and I reported her post with the message “P-LLLEEAAASSSEEE”.

No one cared, so I guess it just stays here anyway. :slight_smile:

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