Thoughts on cyno changes

So we have had the cyno changes for a while now.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new industrial cyno? T1 haulers seem worse than the original ideal of covert cynos on covert ops to me. T1 haulers are great for the null cyno chains where there is no need to move but for navigating around low and null the hauler is awful to try and get through camps/scouts. I find myself using blockade runners carrying T1 haulers.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts?

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This sounds like a lie.

Beyond that lie, why are you trying to scout through with a Hauler? Use a fast Ceptor to check the route first, or have one of your alts check ahead.

Sorry, your right I meant deep space transport. I tried fitting up a decent T1 hauler and carrying the cyno ship in that but preferred the DST. You can use scouts but still get stuck whatever you do with some camps.

The industrial cyno change is utter garbage. Enough said. Whoever came up with that should be laid off and put under a bridge as punishment for a year.

In your opinion worse than the covert ops cyno?

Slightly worse because a covert ops can at least get to places without being a sitting duck literally anywhere and without doing these ridiculously annoying and frustrating steps that Scoots described. However, both are utter garbage.

Logistics cynos were never an issue. Combat cynos were.

Way worse. Covert Cyno can be fit to all kinds of ships that would have been easier to move around.

On a covert ops frigate at max skills the cyno timer is 60 seconds. On a force recon 30 seconds, vs ten minutes.

Covert Cyno’s don’t show up on the overview.

So those 2 things together can mean that in a quiet system you have a far greater chance that nobody will even notice you cyno’d in.

The ONLY downside was some additional training. Sadly everyone cried too hard.


Those that never had to move their cyno’s were the ones complaining.

Even they were shortsighted. I bet you could come up with a brick fit force recon that could tank the random cyno killer for 30 seconds

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