Testing Industrial Cyno

so am i the only one who see’s this as a fail? they only allow use on an industrial ship for one, for two only jf can jump thru them. the other cynos require a black ops, force recon or stealth bomber, am i the only one who thinks this is total bs? make something cheap and nothing to throw away into a 300m+ cyno ship and thats on the cheap end with the fr cruiser and an upwards of 1.5b for the blops. CCP ur killing eve and driving players from it, ive already seen alot leave just for elite dangerous and ur giving us almost every reason to

I can’t log in to the test server myself to see but if its an “Industrial Cynosural Field Generator” and can be fitted to industrials doesnt that mean you can just fit it to a badger? for like 100k or less?

Boom no more jump freighter logistics issues.

If you mean capitals can’t jump to it oh well, thats what recons are for now. people always adapt.

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Buy Sigil, be happy cyno ship owner.

terrible change tbh now i have to train recons on all my alts to have cyno chain… this is total nonsense… industrial cyno is okey but it has downside-t1/t2 industrials

what about

industrial cyno and industrial covert cyno forporpoise and orca.of course these ships are slow and we want to move cyno ship quickly from system a to system b but with these changes fastest ships are only recons… well there is reason why ccp put this stupid change… FIGHT GENERATOR. yes nobodygonna whore on cyno magnate or cyno vexor and people were using cheap cyno ships to cut risk of launching cyno… now with recon you risk 300-350m isk ship formoving your capital/black ops…and risking capital/black ops. when player sees cyno recon he will mostly engage… orginally cyno noobships in many cases were not good content creators… ofc there did exsist tons of people whoring on cyno noobships… now instead of magnate or vexor or noobship there will be recon ship with cyno up! and this will blink fight bulb on many pvp-oriented pilots… maybe that recon has sweet pod with hg slaves etc…

TLDR cyno magnates/noobships cruisers were only whored and not always escalated into large fight…ccp want more fight and more explosions… cyno recons will bring more attraction and almost evry encountered cyno recon ship will have pvp fit… there will be no empty recon ships with just fitted cyno. cyno recons will lead to potential fight escalating.

*) ccp should instead give few ships role of cynosural operation instead of forcing only recons… would be good to have hac cyno option or hic cyno eventually covert ops cruisers like stratios to be cyno-capable… on other side…

what ships should be able to lit cynos?

  • recons
  • orca and porpoise
  • hac cruisers and hic cruisers
  • covops cruisers
    -logistic cruisers**

well would be interessing if FAXes could be tied to logistic group and give them logistic cynosural field generator so all logistic ships could be capable of jumping FAXes… with current cyno restriction it would potentially work…how??? you previously had all-in-one ship… with roles splitted into several ships combat groups would need to separate roles from each other to not mess-up. you use recons to jump blops/carriers/titans/supercarriers then use logistic cruiser/frigate to bring faxes into fight. and dont tell its stupid idea because ccp splitting cynos already so why not divide it to logistic group aswell…
giving the command ships cyno ability would be good too, because there are couple ships that can act as command ship and they should operate the cyno…

So you are saying that I should start making badgers and put them in NPC stations all around nullsec and sell them for 5 million, noted :wink:

and you to bypass time waiting to cyno go off just self destruct :smiley:

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