Industrial Titans

I was doing some research on the skills and fittings for the Rorqual. I found the PANIC module is listed as a doomsday weapon, along with the combat versions used by Titans.

It’s about time for CCP to call the Rorqual an industrial Supercap and let it fit a Jump Portal Generator for ORE and industrial hulls. It can already fit a Clone Vat Bay.

This would allow the classification of the Orca as a Capital ship in its own right, with its own jump drive capable of locking on to an industrial cyno. It has the other features of a Capital so why not interstellar travel?

Such a change would certainly increase the mining options for small indy corps, and traveling further afield creates other opportunities. It would also be a logical progression along the ship tree for players who mine in the sandbox.

Bad Idea.

Only if it costs as much ISK as a super.

…and lock them out of HS!

What’s the point?

No orca in hisec? Both hands in!

Or is this just a cute way to sneak industry cynos to rorquals? While OP didnt imply that, I really cant figure out other motivation for this thread… Unless you count the fragile identity of an orca owner, who would like to be identified as an capital pilot, instead of whatever it is that orca pilots identify as.


Rolf. Hahahahahahaha.

Your idea is horrible! :smiley:

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Say what?

Agree with the others. If it you want full cap status for the orca then it can be taken out of highsec and must be fit with capital rigs rather than large.

Btw, orcas used be capital industrial ships but if you look at the market/item-database today, there is nothing capital about them. They’re an industrial ship.

The intent was not to lock the Orca out of HiSec. If it’s a non-combat ship with a jump drive it should be treated like a JF. Cynos outside of HiSec and gates inside. My apologies for the confusion.

I could maybe get on board with this if:

  1. The material cost of the Rorqual was significantly increased. Supercarrier cost at a minimum.
  2. The mining capability of the Rorqual was significantly reduced. This would make it a true Capital INDUSTRIAL Ship, not a Capital MINING Ship.
  3. The material cost and skill requirements for the Orca were brought in line with being a true jump-capable capital ship. I’m thinking carrier levels at a minimum for material cost and the usual jump drive skills required for capital ships. (No restrictions to operating in hisec and they could operate there just like Jump Freighters.)
  4. The mining capability of the Orca was significantly reduced. This would make it a true Industrial COMMAND Ship, not an Industrial MINING Ship.
  5. No increase to defenses.

This would allow Rorqs and Orcas to function more like the mobile bases they were intended to be used as, not the large-scale mining platforms that they’ve evolved into.

All things considered though…any time I see a change that could possibly work but requires a massive nerf to balance it out, I tend to call shenanigans.

-1. It would take to much to keep the affected ships balanced.

I agree with you that the original intention was to use the Rorqual and Orca as true industrial command ships, not asteroid-devouring behemoths of ore extraction. They are more suitable for providing boosts, extra ore storage and a HMB to reship or replace mining vessels.

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