Constellation Jump Engine

A Module that can be fit into an Industrial Command Ship (Orca), when activated allows the ship to jump to a cyno beacon in the same constellation, and consuming some fuel, module can only be activated in Low Sec and NullSec.

This will give the Orca which is for all intents a capital ship the ability to move around a little easier while not being totally OP as it will only be able to jump within the constellation, this means if its travelling further than a few systems then its forced to travel through conventional gates, but if its just moving around within a constellation then it will be able to use this module and jump.

PS: For anyone who says its not a capital, it’s made with capital parts, has capital engines, fleet hanger, ship hanger and its huge, the only thing that suggests its not a capital is the lack of requirement for capital ships I, I think this is more an indication of the Orca’s age than it is of it not being a capital.

so you think devs “forgot” to add the jump capability ?


Not forgotten, but I think its time the Orca got a little love.

More people in space with orca’s means more orca’s getting blown up which means more isk for everyone.

I think you don’t get my question.

Why according to you does the orca have no jump drive ?

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Have you considered that the Orca is a slow-ass ship for a game design related reason?

Yes, the Orca should get the same love the Rorq is getting, nerf it’s solo abilities and buff it’s command boosts.

Something to break the back of this “biggest is best” mentality coming in from the WoW clones.


Just a nerf to it’s mining drone bonus should be enough. It should not be a solo mining vessel at it’s current rate. It has other roles than just a mining support ship, don’t nerf those imho.

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