ADC Mining barge OR Orca Triage or PANIC module

To the CSM, et al.,

I will make this super quick and easy to read here is my proposed “balance” to encourage HS miners.

Anti-HS gank module for solo miners just needs to be the same as the ADC on the HAC, i.e., mining emergency damage control for max resists for 30s with a 5 minute cool down.


Add a 1 min invulnerability AOE cycle to the Orca fitted (the same as the Rorq module) with the mini industrial core if you are locked onto a rock to all fleet members within range being protected (requiring fuel to operate). Could still go suspect if safety yellow and fleet member was at war.


Change the industrial reconfig module to become RR bonused the same as the Triage mod.

Edit: I am referring to allowing an Orca to use it’s own compact Panic module, alongside the compact industrial core.

Edit 2: After seeing the new ingame module for Industrial Reconfiguration the Orca needs to be angled as a HS triage option for mining fleets, ganking would not be impossible but the chances of whiping entire fleets out or high value barges would be greatly reduced whilst also relying on the Orca pilot’s skill to manage/cycle RR shield reps when under attack.


Doesn’t go far enough.

Make it so that ADC and panic modules automatically activate if the shield alarm goes off. Then, finally, miner ganking will be “balanced”.

Well, maybe also reduce the cooldown to 1 minute…

And set up a script that automatically doxes customer info of anyone who picks up a criminal timer.

That would be… a good start.

Also, I honestly can’t tell if this a troll post, or meant to be taken seriously.

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I too would like a button for my ship to become invulnerable until after CONCORD arrives to kill all agressors.


This doesn’t go far enough in meeting the OP’s requirements for wealth without actually engaging with the game.

I suspt what he really wants is:
An Orca should just automatically and passively transfer ore from the belt to the hanger of your home station without undocking and exposing itself to loss or the player being logged in.

What the heck large scale AFK miners do with all the ISK from not playing the game I don’t know - though “large scale easy passive ISK” is catnip to people running RMT operations. It also drives a proliferation of expensive ships in players hand; which is a deterrent to new players who are actually playing the game.
I could rant on the subject of wealth inequality - but that’ll me in real life bleeding into the game.

The problem with the Industrial Command Ships is that they can mine alone. Generally, AFK easy activities are a problem.

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They definitely need to do something to help solo miners. Right now the only options seem to be try to escape or launch a mostly ineffective defense and watch your ship die. Adding more expense and training requirements to harvest rocks is doing nothing but making the game more difficult and far less enjoyable. If the issue AFK mining make them so you have to engage them for each cycle.

It’s far more honorable to mine and build than to run around shooting mostly defenseless opponents Just to steal and/or destroy. These brave thugs / cowards are an actual problem. The miner/industrialist is trying to provide the resources and equipment that real PVPers need to keep playing the game.

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Those ‘real PvPers’ often do mining, industry or other activities just like you to earn ISK to fund the losses in PvP.

When you, as miner/industrialist, are undercutting those other miners and industrislists on the market (because you want to earn ISK) you are directly competing with those other players.

EVE is fair and allows multiple forms of competition versus players: they can stop you from competing on the market by shooting your ship. Luckily EVE is also fair enough to allow you to do the same against their mining characters.

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To confirm I am not trolling here, this is a legit post from someone who has spent time around HS mining groups and has seen what ganking and HS wars can do against new players and small, independent mining corps.

If we are to balance mining then having an ADC same as the HAC module, alongside Orca PANIC modules is a surefire way to cause the groups of “elite pvpers” to loose their monopoly on attempting to own areas of HS. These individuals and groups are often force-projecting using the resources they have farmed on their alts in the giant null-blocs, which are actually very easily defended by out of game intel “ping” bots to warn of incoming hostiles when they are out mining and often if any of their Rorqs get tackled there is a large mass of ADC fitted HACs incidentally to save them, alongside dreads and supers etc.

HS is actually incredibly dangerous in terms of isk vs reward for starting players and those who wish to fly independently from the bloc’s. There is no surefire way to setup a bloc intel “ping” bot or obviously to force project in the same meta as null due to the inherent nature of the war mechanics it can be very tricky to defend even using mutual allies in a war.

So yes, I am proposing to the CSM that ADC modules for mining barges and PANIC modules for Orcas be introduced to allow these smaller groups to flourish and grow outside of the influence of the large blocs and their third-party proxies in HS.

I do believe you are not trolling.

I also believe your idea is one of the category “buff me, nerf my enemies, I do not care about game balance” and can be easily ignored.

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I suppose you would hate my other suggestion too then that I am planning to put in … To bring back blackout so we can encourage independent groups to claim and use sov which the blocs won’t be able to police? lol.

Yes I don’t think another blackout is a good idea.

Less instantaneous local intel or less accurate local is fine,but don’t remove it from null.

I think everybody needs to chill until the meta works itself out after tomorrow’s changes.


Ok so after looking over the ingame module I can immediately point out the issue here even aside from the previously mentioned PANIC module I am advocating.

The local rep bonuses are unnecessary for the Orca with the Industrial Reconfiguration module - it needs to become a Triage module so that it can be used to protect miners in HS against ganking raids easier, ADC and PANIC mods aside.

This would allow for up to 5 people in fleet to receive reps without making them impossible to kill, whilst greatly reducing the chances of an entire mining fleet from dying.

I’ve already made this post a hundred times before when responding to others who think like you do. And, I’ll give in-depth explanations on why I think they’re wrong, and they’ll either ignore me, choosing to reply to easier arguments, bail from the thread, or hand wave away my arguments with responses that frequently amount to little more than “nuh-uh.” So, I’m going to keep this “brief”.

Solo miners don’t need anything to help them. Three popular and effective strats include brick tanking, mining while aligned, and yield tanking. And, if you know what you’re doing, you can reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero. The real reason why so many miners die is not because ganking is unbalanced, or because miners need a buff, but because there is a never ending supply of players that make themselves vulnerable to ganking through their laziness, impatience, greed, and/or lack of knowledge.

And that was before today’s patch. Things have actually gotten even easier for miners. Now, I could provide fits and math in this post to show why, but myself and others have already made such posts. And various miners responded by casually dismissing them with more “nuh-uhs.” So, what’s the point? Moreover, you will be followed by someone else making similar claims and trying to reset the conversation back to zero.

Now, I am confident in my analysis of how these changes will impact ganking and miner risk, but, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, I figured that if we waited, people like @Scipio_Artelius would eventually scrape and analyze killboard data, and that it would validate my analysis and predictions. However, I don’t even think that will be needed. You see, I’m willing to bet that miners will begin to inadvertently make the case that they need a nerf by arguing that, because they can no longer be ganked profitably, that means that gankers are greifing them.


I mine, I hate it when my ships get ganked, even if they don’t succeed. But I think some of this would be OP. I would not mind something on the orca that made it harder to gank my fleet if I turned it on (so can’t be afk) but it would be hard to balance.

Honestly now that I can get a Hulk to 65k eph (before boosts) without doing anything very bling (just a faction LSE) I am more than happy.

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