HS JF hauling?

So I ended up learning my alt into a perfect JF pilot, and I wander does it make any sense to haul in a JF in HS? Does it make any profit? Is that even possible? Or I’m nuts and should enter the window?

It’s possible yes but I don’t think you can use the Jump part of it so it would be just a big waste of isk and a big risk in my opinion ask Goons they’ll be able to tell you they use them all the time

So you are saying its impossible to jump to cyno in HS?

You can jump into the closest low SEC system but you cannot light and come directly into HS for what I understand

Yes, that I know, but I’m interested in HS to HS jumps.

You can go get the gate just like you would normally but no you can’t use the jump freighter in HS like that that’s why I stick to the Orca I thought about getting a buzzard

Well, that’s a bummer :confused:
That ruins my idea. Alright thanks!

Just for the sake of completeness, the problem you run into is that in order to jump, you need someone to light a cyno, short for cynosural field. When you jump, you jump to a cyno you select.

Since you can’t activate a cyno module in highsec, nor can you anchor a cyno beacon, there can never be a target to jump to in highsec.

People can, and do jump freighter runs to lowsec systems with NPC stations. Jump Freighters enjoy a brief period of invulnerability on arrival to their destination, as well as on undock. Lowsec has no warp bubbles making you pretty much scott free once you’re in warp from the NPC station to the exit gate.

People do not generally jump straight to the gate because jumping activates a session change timer that will stop you from using that gate until it expires, and while you are invulnerable on arrival, you can still be bumped off the gate.

If you don’t make a mistake, operating a jump freighter is relatively safe. Groups like PUSH will deliver to NPC lowsec stations for a fee knowing they are relatively safe.

If you do make a mistake, you’re risking a very large loss so it’s not for the faint of heart, but it is a practical profession for the meticulous.


I do my fair share of hauling around in HS, so I wanted to add my thoughts in case they may help.

Using a JF in HS I find is situational. If the load is valuable and cannot fit into a T2 industrial ship then I would use a JF from time to time, however in order to do this safely you need to have a second account (or someone you trust) to fly around LS systems within range so that a cyno can be lit if your in danger.

One of the things that I love about JF’s is their ability to escape easily, but you do have to be on your toes since a JF is already a nice target to gankers as it is, and as others have said, you can only light a cyno in a LS system so you have to do research and scout out your HS exits.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info, as I only live in hs now and do not belong to any null sec alliance I have no purpose for hauling anywhere outside of hs. So I think then it’s better to sell this char, since it’s basically useless for me…

i will buy him :smiley:

Well, keep an eye on character bazaar, I will roll him out there this week. :wink:

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