How to proceed with jump freighters

So ive been watching the killboards a lot lately and seeing all the jump freighters being ganked and myself being a jf toon like how does a jf toon defend himself against being ganked I use bulkheads I use an alt to web but as you can clearly see talos doesn’t care about any of that you can just warp and f1 a jumpfreighter before they ever hit warp I mean they literally have no way to prevent themseleves from being ganked if a few talos and procuers tackle them is it just me or does anyone else see an issue here

A gang of 30 people can gank you? Oh no, how unfair.
1 have a backup cyno ready to jump out. Wait till your gatecloak drops and insta jump.
2 Bring 10 Blackbird with racial Jams and ■■■■ up the dmg calculation. Countering 30+ people with 10 ships is great.
3 just scout? That many talos dont appear out of thin air. IF YOU SEE A MOBILE SCAN INHIBITOR YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT, YOU KNOW, SCOUTING!
4 Dont use a JF in highsec.


It depends on how the gankers feel.

If you carry enough to warrent a gank you will get gank, if they are just gank for the lolls you will get ganked. That goes for any ship in the game.

When your ticket is called… it is your turn.

Ignore people that say don’t fly x in highsec. Fly anything you like, just be prepared it might gone before you are docked again.

You should not be in a GF if you do not know how to not get ganked FFS.


Its got a jumpdrive.

Use it?

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I´d say this, except point 4 which is really not optimal for you dank isk aspirancy.

Also, I´d say no to a webber alt. You better pay full attention to your surroundings from the very first milisecond than to lose two seconds in paying attention to the webber client to target and web. If there is no danger, the webbing is useless, if there is danger that two seconds are all the gankers need to point you.

Bulkheads are okay, beacause they deter the smaller gank fleets, and give you some time against the bigger ones so there´s a tiny hope of the tackle dropping and escaping, but don´t count on it.

Also, this seems just to be a bad moment to use a JF, testies have shaken the hive and the bees are really angry.

The webbing still gets you in to warp faster and still speeds up your trip so its still serving a purpose, not everyone wants to sit and stare at a JF getting its slow ass in to warp :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess it takes your eyes out of the JF for a brief moment. I find this much more dangerous than a slow warp.

Swap your stuff from a JF into a normal freighter as you enter high sec. A freighter with all bulkheads and less than 2 bil of cargo value. Takes a few extra minutes but well worth it.

Don’t AP and use docking and undocking BM’s. Switch your cyno character into a webbing one so aligning goes quickly as well.

In short: put in effort.

You have a jump drive…

Don’t do this. Your cyno alt is your gank immunity. At the first sign of trouble you can be in your origin stations docking ring again. Just reset the journey.

But the point is that you don’t have a jump drive anymore once you enter highsec. You jump directly to the last station on your route and then you swap your cargo into a cheaper ship (or ships). The jump freighter never leaves the safety of docking range at any point.

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You do have a jump drive in highsec. You can’t jump into high security space, but you can jump out of it. If you expect you might be attacked enroute, preparing a cyno in jump range of the ambush points is a valid defensive option.


Yes you do. People jump out of Jita all day long.

You jump out of high into a lowsec system. Usually the same lowsec system you just travelled to, resetting your high sec journey.

And people fly freighters with excessive loot value without getting ganked. Sometimes you get lucky. But if you want to maximize your safety you don’t put your trust in hoping that the server acknowledges your “jump” command before the tackle ship’s warp disruptor.

thanks all for the pointers I will definitely being doing these im not a new player been playing since 06 but new to the jf experiences id say and yea all the jfs beng ganked kinda had me halting my jf runs for a bit but appreciate all the advice and tips o/ fly safe

So much bullshite advice and ignorance in this thread.

Here is a good example:

But in Jita the gankers place Mobile Scan inhibitors at key gates, I guess you have no idea what they do and how the gankers use them. The only good advice you gave was 1. The rest was garbage.

You sir get it completely. For these gankers the webber alt is useless, because they will have a JF pointed well before webs can get them into warp.

Though this is actually no, nothing to do with that war.

Actually they need to have an out cyno ready for when they jump into Jita, otherwise it will likely end badly.

I think it was last year that I observed a cat and mouse game between Kusion and a PL jump freighter, the PL guy went for it and jumped into Jita after aborting numerous times with his scouts getting wind of the gank fleet due to the arrival of the tackle. But after five aborts he gated into Jita and then jumped to a cyno as the tackle arrived. That is really all one has to say. If you have not got the ability to jump to a cyno then you are playing it wrong.

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