Jumpfreighter Pilots: how do yu get the JF back to Jita?

i have looked for hours try to find a somewhat safe route, but the most feasable routes are infested with camps (even in systems higher than 0.6)

is there some other way to do this, without doing 15-20 jumps in highsec?

As an infrequent jump freighter pilot I only use the JF outside HS and the edge of HS, and use different options (DST) to haul once the items are within HS.


Courier Contract from the edge of HighSec to Jita. Leave the most dangerous part of the route to professionals.


well since we export from jita, the freighter is actually most of the time empty when flying in.

courier contract the goods out of jita to your highsec system, eliminates the vast majority of risk for a slice of the margin. To remove the margin loss and DIY you’d need to swap to a freighter and travel back and forward to jita, which introduces an opportunity cost vs margin argument, that calculation is on you.

I used to JF my way into jita all the time using a webbing alt to help speed up the align times signficantly. In todays game I would never do that. Even an empty JF is still kill on sight for most ganking communities.

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set the course. Affirmative !

Interesting toughts, however change from a JF to a Tech 1 Freighter is (in my opinion) a bad idea, since you trading the price of the ship with the only defense you have (the Jump drive)
plus you forcing yourself to make Gate jumps, which are not needed if you stay in the JF.
especially since you can Jump it while you still invunerable after undocking.
so technically it whould be impossible for anyone to target lock you if you are instantly jumping after undocking. (but yeah, this is eve, someone gonna figure out a counter to this) :slight_smile:

till then, for that reason i do not really worry about flying out of Jita,

it’s more about getting back in (with a empty ship) since those jumps are the ones that do post the largest thread to the ship itself. (expensive killmail)

Did you miss the part where you can’t light a cyno in highsec?
You still have to jump the last gate to get into highsec with the JF.

a JF is forced to go gate to gate, just like a T1 freighter, only with a 5x killboard value that puts a huge target on you. The question isn’t going from Jita to a target location, it’s going from that target location back to Jita.

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you are right, you can;t light a cyno in highsec, but you jan Jump to a cyno while in highsec.
my original reply stands, the only defense is to use the Jumpdrive (in highsec)

and Yes, i know what the question is, i asked it and i made exactly your statement about the killboard value. Reason stands, the JF has the ability to Jump when trouble comes (yes it can in Highsec, i own 2 Jumpfreighters and i NEVER used a gate when leaving Jita).

leaving the JF behind in Lowsec would require you to haul new cargo to the freighter location… which is not doable for a Tech1 freighter to fly into lowsec near Jita, unless you do have deathwish, so you forced to use smaller ships which will take forever and you still running the risk losing one or two of them. it just makes no sense doing this.

plus “Leaving” was never a problem or issue, the issue is Getting into Jita.

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Sorry, I think most people here don’t even try to understand what you are asking and rather go to their opinion on a close but actually unrelated topic.

I guess using a webber alt is required. You should have a slot available since you also have cyno alts in NS.
It won’t make your JF safe (nothing will) but it will at least prevent anyone but the most bored bot-abusers from actually succeeding in killing you.
Also with a webber alts, better use tank modules ^^

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yeah my Trading alt is training for Expidition Frigates, i had some pretty good results using them for webbing. he will then just fly out to “pick him up” so to speak.

they do use the lows to boost the sensor resolution for faster locking tough … no tanking

you can send your JF in warp after 1s align and 1s being webbed(that’s he goal of your webber) if you have 3 webs, or 2 webs on a serpentis platform.
Not point in being too fast as you will have to wait at the gate for that aggression timer to pass.
However having pings 200+ km away from each gate is important to not waste time in your JF.
So once you have the webs, and a bit of tank, you indeed need sebos to target your JF below 1s.

This way, the JF decloaks to align, your webber targets it, next tick it receives lock and apply webs, end of tick the JF gets into warp.

To get in range of it, your webber needs to warp to the ping first, then align back to gate, and once the freigther jumps in system, warp to it and activate sebos, prepare webs. JF clicks “warp”, webber spams fleet-only overview.

Adding to what the others have said, a JF that travels to HS should ALWAYS have an exit cyno on standby. As soon as you whiff danger, you light the cyno and jump out.

yes with the tech1 freighter in highsec (local transportation) i just warp “somewhere” as close as possible, when the freighter comes in i just fleetwarp to it and when the freighter pilot sees the webber closer than 100km he warps, that usually ends up both of them being close enough and target-able at the same time, but i’m not always manage a 1 tick target lock.

if the next gate is more than 12AU … the webber will be out of weapons timer before the freighter arrives, sometimes i just warp to 10, and slowboat to the gate once the timer is at 13sec or so.
this is where the covert cloak comes in handy :wink: probably not the best way of doing it, i admit.
mostly done like this in regions where i know who is who, in and around Jita, this defently needs to be re-evaluated…

oh yes that is a given, different Corp, location and NOT the one the JF came in with.

while speking of backup alts, we were talking a few days ago about using Mobile Beacons.
(like a blan-b for the plan-b thing)

i’m aware they have massive downsides … like you cant position them properly so a station-placement for instadock is probably out of the question, plus they are pretty expensive, but ignoring all that, lighting one in a 0 player system, would you do it? as a means to get out.
just spitballing, not a serious thing.

As mobile beacons have a 2 minute activation delay, they’re not useful for an emergency exit.
They would have to be burning already all the time and in range of your JF while you’re out in space in order to function as emergency exit, while broadcasting this emergency exit location to anyone in that low or null sec system, drawing attention of any available PvP players to the grid you are considering jumping your JF to in case of emergency.

I don’t think mobile beacons are practical as emergency exit.

yeah hat is true, plus they are not exactly cheap either… was just an idea that was floating as anyone with anchoring 3 can just poke it into space.

if it would be possible to position them accurately they could be used primarily as a fallback when no cyno alts are nearby, but i don’t think this is the case. which makes the bad outweight the good.

It is quite safe bringing it through Uedema. Just let Aiko know beforehand, sending her 1 billion ISK. On entry wait for for the reception party.

Trying to sneak past is not recommended as can be seen here

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now that is constructive, thank you

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HS systems are actually not that bad use a Webing toon that is also a scout. it is a good idea to have a exit cyno if you have multiple accounts or a corp mate.

IMHO HS is the easier part of it now (used to be the worst) now your greatest risk thanks to CCP is Lancers that prevent you from jumping. I need to test this but what I am told is they can Lance you whilst you’re in warp which means even tho you are zero on the gate (BM) you cannot take the gate.

I only discovered this as I jump thru gate I suspect they just missed me. Makes it very hard to get back into HS let alone gating