Jump Freighter

Hello I am new to eve and was looking at videos about jump freighters I was wondering if you are in a fleet with a jump freighter can you jump with them or is this limited to other ship classes?

You can not.

Although if you are in a ship that’s jump capable by itself (another jump freighter, a capital ship or a black ops) you could jump to the same cyno as the JF.

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Thank you for the info

FYI Jump Freighters can only jump into low or nullsec space, and require a second account to operate solo.

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Jump freighters also cost 10 bill. If you dont know how one works, dont get one. It’s expensive and will end up as a wreck if you dont know how to safely use cyno and safely travel.

Instead, use things like black frog logistics to move stuff around. Much cheaper and better, with zero risk to yourself.

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Thank you everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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