Why do people only seam to use jump freighters

It just seems odd why use a more expensive ship that has less storage and armor when you could just defend a normal freighter

They aren’t the brightest bulbs.


But what I do know is that when a courier company is moving my stuff and the collateral is between five and forty billion, they always use a JF. So it must be the best option.

I’m sure you will get your answer once the trolls are done in here and move on to a different thread.

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Jump Freighters are the T2 freighter and they are able to leverage jump drives like other capitals ships while still entering high security space using the normal stargate network. Jump drives allow them to move between systems without using the normal stargate network.

See Jump drives - EVE University Wiki and Jump Freighters - EVE University Wiki to learn more.

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Jump freighters are tankier than regular freighters.
Freighter escort ops are also boring as hell and why would you bother when you can just teleport to your cyno with near 100% safety? The fuel cost and greater number of loads needed are much less than the man-hours needed to guard a freighter.

safer and faster to haul your stuff :slight_smile: a JF is impossible to gank even with 761083476123645086 Billion worth of stuff inside.

That is very much correct, no jump freighter has ever died yet, much less in highsec where allmighty concord shows up and shoots gankers.
And the speed of jf’s is almost ridiculous.

i only lost a JF once and CCP reimbursed it because of serverlag.
if the other JF user not able to use their escape cynos then its not my fault. why did this ship has a jumpdrive if you cant avoid danger with it ?

and yes, the speed is ridiculous because it can haul stuff from one system in another system in 10 seconds ! and still if you need to move, you can choose a route that is way shorter then any other routs

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