Let’s take a look at Jump Freighter Skills


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For Null-Sec Alliances having Jump Freighters is a must. I’d think the average Alliance JF pilot sticks with Jump Drive Calibration (JDC) 5, Jump Fuel Conservation (JFC) 4 and Jump Freighter (JF) 4.

JF 5 and JFC 5 are longer trains (to get both JF 5 and JFC 5 it would be 80+ days of training) and not 100% necessary while having the longer train to JDC 5 is pretty much mandatory for that extra jump range.

I’ve been messing around with some comparison stuff for Jump Freighters mostly to see how Level 5 of JFC and JF affect the fuel costs. Using the Dotlan Jump Planner I tossed in a route from Jita to M-MD3B for each JF and let it default the jumps how it liked, it went Jita to Fuskunen to Unertek to M-MD3B which is obviously not an ideal route but for the comparison it’ll work.

Here’s what I came up with…

(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 356,240m3 and an align time of 27.2s)
JF & JFC (4/4) JF & JFC (5/4) JF & JFC (5/5)
Fuel: Oxygen Isotopes
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 16,707 13,923 11,602
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 16,798 13,998 11,665
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 13,770 11,475 9,562
Total Fuel Consumption 47,275 39,396 32,829
Oxygen Isotopes Median Sell: $780.00
Total Fuel Cost: $36,874,500.00 $30,728,880.00 $25,606,620.00
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 349,763m3 and an align time of 26.1s)
JF & JFC (4/4) JF & JFC (5/4) JF & JFC (5/5)
Fuel: Helium Isotopes
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 15,641 13,034 10,861
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 15,726 13,105 10,921
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 12,891 10,743 8,952
Total Fuel Consumption 44,258 36,882 30,734
Helium Isotopes Median Sell: $693.93
Total Fuel Cost: $30,711,953.94 $25,593,526.26 $21,327,244.62
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 341,991m3 and an align time of 23.7s)
JF & JFC (4/4) JF & JFC (5/4) JF & JFC (5/5)
Fuel: Hydrogen Isotopes
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 14,574 12,145 10,121
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 14,654 12,211 10,176
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 12,012 10,010 8,342
Total Fuel Consumption 41,240 34,366 28,639
Hydrogen Isotopes Median Sell: $713.18
Total Fuel Cost: $29,411,543.20 $24,509,143.88 $20,424,762.02
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 373,081m3 and an align time of 27.8s)
JF & JFC (4/4) JF & JFC (5/4) JF & JFC (5/5)
Fuel: Nitrogen Isotopes
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 17,774 14,811 12,343
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 17,870 14,892 12,410
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 14,649 12,208 10,173
Total Fuel Consumption 50,293 41,911 34,926
Nitrogen Isotopes Median Sell: $795.86
Total Fuel Cost: $40,026,186.98 $33,355,288.46 $27,796,206.36

For all the JFs there are significant savings to be had training up JF 5 and/or JFC 5, a Rhea pilot with JF 5 and JFC 5 would save $12,229,980.62 on that one way trip – savings that would most definitely add up over time!

Some other things of note:

  • The Anshar shows some good savings with JF 5 and JFC 5 has the second largest cargo bay and is a meagerly faster slug than the Rhea.
  • The Ark is nearly as cost effective as the Nomad with a slightly larger cargo bay but isn’t that much faster than the Anshar or Rhea.
  • The Nomad has the smallest cargo capacity, cost the least to run and is by far the fastest.
  • The Rhea has the largest cargo capacity, but cost the most to run and is a slug.

Let me know if these numbers help you out in anyway.

This Week in EVE #167 (26 August - 1 September)
«Эта неделя в EVE» №167 (26 августа - 1 сентября)
EVE Wochenschau #167 (26. August - 1. September)
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Thats a really nice sheet! (I use Rhea coz the cargo space)

(Scipio Artelius) #3

Nice analysis. It’s good to see the values alongside each other and makes for objective comparison when it’s needed.



As someone with a JF pilot having all three skill at V:

It’s very much appreciated. I had never objectively looked at the benefit of training them all to V, but it seems over the long term, the return on that investment will more than pay for itself.

(Shriven Intaki) #4

With the recent and upcoming changes to JF fuel these numbers will need another run through but I’m sure the benefits will be there with JF 5 and JFC 5.

(Shriven Intaki) #5

I’m not sure if Dotlan has been updated with the recent fuel changes but once I am sure that it’s been updated I’ll get on redoing this comparison. I did take a quick look at the cost of Isotopes and from the time of the original post to now there has been some significant increases.

With EVE Central down I’m using the https://evemarketer.com/ site to find prices for the Median Sell value.

Fuel Type Median Sell
August 29th, 2017 December 29th, 2017 % Change
Oxygen Isotopes $780.00 $1,003.79 28.69%
Helium Isotopes $693.93 $916.95 32.14%
Hydrogen Isotopes $713.18 $1,181.76 65.70%
Nitrogen Isotopes $795.85 $914.90 14.96%

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