Jump Freighters and you

Are you dreaming about becoming a Jump Freighter pilot? Then this post may be for you, in it we take a look at each of the Jump Freighters (Anshar, Ark, Nomad and Rhea) and see how they are effected by the different modules they can be fitted with.

What modules are those? There are five basic groups of modules that a JF can utilize and they are most often fit in sets of (3):

  • Inertial Stabilizers (help with align time)
  • Cargohold Expanders (add cargo space)
  • Reinforced Bulkheads (add EHP via Hull HP but lose Cargo Capacity)
  • Adaptive Nano Plating (add EHP via Armor Resistances with no loss of Cargo Capacity)
  • Jump Economizers (decrease fuel requirements of jump drives)

Other than the Jump Economizers, which I’ve listed all three, for the comparison of the other groups I’m showing only the T2 version of the module and then the “No Poors Allowed” version of the module.

Here are all the numbers (based on all V’s)

Inertial Stabilizers

JF Inertial Stabilizers II Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizers
Anshar 15.9s 15.2s
Ark 15.3s 14.6s
Nomad 13.9s 13.3s
Rhea 16.3s 15.6s
Approx cost for (3) 1,090,000.00 247,360,000.00

• I’m not intimately familiar with align times and how they are affected by game ‘ticks’ but looking at these numbers it seems like only the Ark and Rhea would gain any significant benefit from using the Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizers but with how often the Inertials are used I’m not sure the bonus is enough to warrant the cost, I would stick with the T2 modules and look at using a webbing alt to get you into warp faster.

Cargohold Expanders

JF Expanded Cargo Hold II ORE Expanded Cargo Hold
Anshar 356,240 m³ 368,962 m³
Ark 349,763 m³ 362,254 m³
Nomad 341,991 m³ 354,204 m³
Rhea 373,081 m³ 386,404 m³
Approx cost for (3) 1,160,000.00 870,150,000.00

• 360,000 m³ seems to be a magical number for JF hauling and the ORE Expanders allow the Anshar and Ark to fit that much. There’s no way for the Nomad to get there and the Rhea can fit that much without them but she also gets close to 390,000 m³ with them, that’s a lot of stuff! The ORE Expanders are not inexpensive but if you’re doing a lot of hauling then I’d dive in, they will be worth it in the long run… well except maybe if you’re a Nomad pilot then really put some thought into the investment.

Reinforced Bulkheads

JF Reinforced Bulkheads II ORE Reinforced Bulkheads
Anshar 899,753 ehp 934,942 ehp
Ark 850,174 ehp 882,164 ehp
Nomad 648,154 ehp 668,947 ehp
Rhea 716,207 ehp 740,999 ehp
Approx cost for (3) 775,000.00 590,000,000.00

• Fitting Bulkheads is something to keep in mind when you have Low-Sec to High-Sec transitions or if you’re doing any extended hauling through High-Sec with a smaller load. Using a full set of Blukheads the Anshar is the tanky beast of the bunch. If you’ve got the ISK to blow then I’d say go for ORE Bulkheads for your Anshar or Ark, they both gain over 30,000 ehp with them fitted. The Rhea would add near 25,000 ehp and the Nomad has the lowest gain of the bunch at just over 20,000 ehp. In my opinion every little bit of tank can help, it could add those few seconds you need to get to the gate or to warp out or for help to arrive.

Adaptive Nano Plating

JF Adaptive Nano Plating II A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Anshar 645,612 ehp 738,463 ehp
Ark 645,073 ehp 754,071 ehp
Nomad 475,125 ehp 508,325 ehp
Rhea 492,508 ehp 515,603 ehp
Approx cost for (3) 900,000.00 210,000,000.00

• If you’re looking for some extra EHP without losing out on your Cargo Capacity then having a set of Adaptives is key and as you can clearly see the Ark gets the most benefit from using Adaptive Nano Plating with the Anshar a close second. For the cost a set of A-Type is well worth the investment.

Jump Economizers

Module Bonus Approx cost for (3)
Limited Jump Drive Economizer -4% 95,000,000.00
Experimental Jump Drive Economizer -7% 170,000,000.00
Prototype Jump Drive Economizer -10% 875,000,000.00

• Over time fuel will be your biggest cost and every piece of ISK you can save on fuel costs will be significant. I think that having a set up Jump Economizers is a necessity and for the cost even the newest JF pilot should invest in a set of the Experimental Jump Drive Economizers and then when they can afford it they should definitely pick up a set of the Prototypes.

If you’re looking for more info on using Jump Freighters there is a great guide here - Comprehensive Jump Freighter Guide

Hope these numbers will be useful for you!


Are you looking to become a JF pilot?

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