Freight/Shipping/Logistics rates

I’m starting to help out my corp by buying items in Jita and shipping them out to low/null. Is there a typical price range that people charge for this service based on jumps or m3?

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That answered my question, thank you

for jump freighters, I commonly see people charging like

140 ISK per m3 + #% of collateral

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This is used in alliance logistic for an established route. It depends of the total distance.

what I was talking about is the jf rates for null sec to high sec and vice versa of other alliance (mostly those small alliances since the volume is low and you need to pay fuel)

What I’m saying is: this don’t work for a far NS. You can’t pay the fuel for a full JF from Curse to Jita for example.

Most and groups run logistics from a HS hub to a LS staging for a JF to take the goods to their hubs. Ask in your Indy channels or in Corp chat if you have one. If you’re solo wanting to start this service make sure you’re running your own cyno alts as the last thing you want is to be stuck depending on a cyno as a neut in sov null.

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