How much ISK should I charge for the Jf ing

Hello JF pilots I am a new bro in Jfing and I have a couple of questions I need to ask you how much should I charge for the Jfing services my alliance?

From 6E-MOW(Impass) to Jita and back.

I have no clue how much per m3 should I charge not including the Profit. I am thinking about 900ISk per m3.

Need help bros.

Find Red Frog rates and discount from there based on your inexperience.

Black Frog*

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What Nerdz said.


When using JF or even normal hauling, generally its the distance/jumps that matters, not the volume.

Of course maximum limits apply and volume has a effect on price, but its not the most important factor.

There are a few considerations you want to make when pricing.

First, you want to consider the cost of fuel. Make sure that you have a source that you can buy from both at your receiving point and drop off point. Depending on those isotope costs, you have a minimum for the amount of ISK you will need.

Cargo Hold
You always want to make sure that you have a full cargo hold when you ship. This means that you want to provide incentive to your corp mates for giving you a lot. So, the lower the m3 is, the higher price it is. The more m3 there is, the less the shipment should be.

Its Your Time
Evaluate the difficulty and time it takes you to move to a trade hub and conduct a shipment. The more difficult it is, the more you should charge.

Look at your competitors
Chances are you are not the only JF pilot in your alliance. Ask them how much they charge and do roughly the same amount. You don’t want to undercut your own alliance members, but at the same time you don’t want to overcharge and not have people come to you.

Hope that helps.

750isk/m3, that’s the standard rate

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