What is the going rate per m3 for JF hauling within a corporation or alliance?

What is the going rate per m3 for JF hauling within a corporation or alliance?

Hauling for your own Alliance/corp?

This might give you an Idea possibly

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Some of our guys charge 300k per m3 x every leap. So, two leaps 600k per m3.

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Interesting and helpful…I’'ve got a 4 jump route, about 70,000 isotopes for fuel: 1,200 per M3…unsure that will be acceptable. Thanks for the data point!

If i did my math right, that only comes to about 2 Mil. I would not accept that

Someone who hauls isotopes can let me know if i’m wrong, but it looks like 70,000 isotopes is only 2100 m3 total, and if i’m right if you do the math like @Oreb_Wing mentioned, you’d only get 10 mil for the haul, which judging by evepraisal, is roughly less than 20% of what each load costs.
https://evepraisal.com/a/m1rze . Since you didn’t specify type of isotope, i put all 4 in that evepraisal link.

I wouldn’t undock for that little in a 7 billion isk hull. I think the trick with jumping cargo is to make sure you’re hauling full loads, even if you’re moving multiple contracts at once. Myself, knowing what they’re putting on the line, I pay a flat rate of 100 mil per haul when I need stuff moved and try to break the loads up in a way that they still have room to cram other contracts in there if they want to.

That was the point I was making. Either Way, I wouldn’t take that kind of contract when its just 1200 isk per m3… now, as oreb suggested maybe 200-300k per m3 which even then, at 300k, would be 2.5 bil isk… if i did my math right… not my favorite subject.

Thank you for your help. I should have provided to you more information and more clearly.

The isotopes are the amount required for one of my routes

I meant 1,200 per M3 for a full JF load of 360,000 M3.

The price for that haul would be 432M.

I use GHSOL, is usually cheaper than most corps.
I usually pay like 150M for a 3Bill cargo of like 320K and I get it within 24 hours.

Jumpfreighter hauling would really depend on the distance traveled + collateral. I’ve seen a formula such as 1,500isk/m3 + 1 % collateral fees.

I would recommend GHSOL. Good guy. Good service

I read the answers, they are all good, and the shipping services is good, but their numbers are much higher than the OP’s question?

Honest, but if your corp is charging each other for JF hauling, you’re small potatoes and not producing enough.

There are passive and semi-passive ways that earn more than the recommended amounts for the loads youre considering. I can buy all your fuel from an hour’s worth of not playing…

Nothing wrong with charging for corp JF, goons do it and I wouldn’t call their production small potatoes. I’ve seen it free much more often in small groups, where a couple trips a week are plenty, few enough to avoid burnout.

2-3x the isotope cost is generally fair, gives some income to the jf pilots and at least covers their costs if they can’t fill both directions.

Goons are goobers.

Jump freighters take a long time to skill for, and cost a lot of ISK, and then you need more ISK for collateral for packages. And then you have to pay for fuel, PLEX for cyno alts, etc. Bottom line, what corp do you fly for that offers free jump freight, because I might have to stick a char in there.

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