Seeking to do your gigantic low/null sec cargo delivery...must be over 180M+ m3

GHSOL has been moving everyone’s cargo to/from low sec for over 8 years. The completed contract list nears 12,000, and that’s not even counting all the public contracts I’ve also done. And in the last year with the introduction of our EVAC special, I’ve had more than a handful of times where I moved 100+ contracts in short windows of time for crazy low rewards.

But I want to take it to the next level…I want a bigger challenge of moving 500 to 1000 loads of cargo through low/null sec with an outrageously short deadline. As if my level of experience isn’t enough, I’ve built up my JF fleet, bought additional JF alts and secured all the fuel, cyno ships and cyno alts to make this happen.

Fully collateralized and tailored to your specific situation. If you have 180M+ m3 of cargo right now that has to go to/from low/null sec, this is probably the opportunity you’re looking for. Let’s talk routes, price and how frequently/fast you want that cargo moved.

Together we’ll get this Eve economy cranking again!

Bump…come on folks…talk to your logistics/alliance leaders. Think about how this can be the solution to your/their enormous stash of assets trapped in low sec.

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