[SPECIAL] EVAC your low value, high volume assets in low sec to make billions

Do you have millions of m3 of low value , high volume assets trapped in low/null sec? Are you ready to use the lowest jump freighter rate available in the whole game to start moving those assets on their way to market?

When you make 20+ contracts (each under 1.5b of cargo) starting in the same station with Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc GHSOL, 105M gets this cargo (up to 360k m3) moved quickly to the nearest high sec station. In fact, bring a buddy with you who also has alot of low value cargo needing to be moved, and we’ll lower the threshold to just 12 contract from each of you (all contracts must made at the same time)!

Note how this offer could be combine this with other in game mechanisms like asset safety for your null sec assets. And high sec haulers can cheaply get this low value assets all the way to market. You’ll make you a tidy profit just from the small amount of effort of making some courier contracts!

What’s the alternative…let those minerals or cap parts sit in low/null sec another couple years hoping another CCP change? Come to channel GHSOL and we’ll show you exactly how this offer can put billions in your wallet!

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Put ISK in your wallet while clearing out millions of m3 that have sat for years in your low/null sec hangar.

(Null sec assets will be moved across any distance to a low sec station using asset safety at a cost of 15%.)

Put those low value assets to work on the market now that the fees have been reduced!