[SERVICE] GHSOL low sec hauling

Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc (GHSOL) moves your cargo fast and reliably anywhere in New Eden except null sec. Using the regional model, we ensure at least one of our JFs are near your cargo as soon as you’re ready to move it. And our simple pricing structure has been revamped to focus on lower prices for customers who coordinate with us to move cargo most efficiently

And check out our queue that’ll show you how busy we are…much more information than the competitors’ queue size or place in the queue with no idea what big jobs are ahead of you.

Create the contract with (ask questions in channel GHSOL):

  • private to GHSOL (expands to Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc. on confirmation page)
  • 3 day expire
  • up to 337,500 m3 of cargo
  • 130M for 3b of cargo in 3 days OR
    190M for 5b of cargo in 24 hours OR
    90M special for half loads, return trips or not starting/ending in Aradia, Derelik, Devoid, Khanid, Kor-Azor, Placid nor Solitude

NOTE: No containers nor plastic wraps in cargo! NO CITADELS!!

Thanks for telling your friends, forward them a link to this post and send this news out via corp email!

And as always, if you know a JF pilot who wants to make 10’s of billions of ISK per month, send them our way! For the right hauler who performs well, our FREE FUEL and clear path to advance all the way to director is quite enticing!

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When’re you guys gonna get a proper website so we can stop searching the forums for your pricing anyway?

Are you guys hiring?

The rates are also in channel GHSOL’s MoTD. Customers are always welcome to hang out there as long as you like.

We’re definitely hiring. If you’re nearly maxed out with your JF skills, people who are willing to put the time in make ALOT of ISK. Convo me in game and I can show you how the completed list of contracts can track this and answer all your questions.

is the Pirce of 130/190 Mil for 1 load and dont go up for more JF jumps or did i missread?

using this services, probably best prices for lowsec hauling so far. Everything delievered in time, but who cares with such a low rewards=)

Quick and simple for some short LS contracts to jita

These guys are legit . Two thumbs up .

message me if you wanna sort out some form of website to run this service from :slight_smile:

Top notch service, 11 JFs out of 10!

We’re taking a break from hauling for 3 weeks.

See you all again on May 30th with the same great rates and fast service!

Please update if your are alive. I was planning in use you to recover some things for the safety asset provided for the faction ctaldels

GHSOL is hauling…just finishing up the backlog.

No citadels…or maybe you’re saying your cargo got moved to a station in low sec from a citadel? If so, come to channel GHSOL and set up some contracts!

I’ve used GHSOL quite a few times recently. Always fast service, and good rates would recommend to anyone.

Hello! Mogul Financial operates a large number of structures in highsec/lowsec and a nullsec Sotiyo. What would it take to convince you to open up service to our structures?

Again, I’ll state. No citadels. We’ll be happy to deliver to the edge of low sec so you can make those final jumps or two to your citadel.

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