[SERVICE] Courier Service GHSOL

Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc (GHSOL) moves your cargo with GUARANTEED delivery times anywhere in New Eden except null sec. Once again, using the regional model, we ensure at least one of our JFs are near your cargo as soon as you’re ready to move it. And our simple pricing structure has been revamped to focus on what customers care about most: delivery time and certainty that the cargo will arrive exactly when you need it!

Once again, using the regional model, we ensure at least one of our JFs are near your cargo as soon as you’re ready to move it. And our simple pricing structure has been revamped to focus on what customers care about most: delivery time and certainty that the cargo will arrive exactly when you need it!

What differentiates us from all other courier services is our guarantee. Keep reading and see why our ISK is on the line, and you can have confidence that your cargo will arrive ON TIME! And check out our queue that’ll show you how busy we are…much more information than the competitors’ queue size or place in the queue with no idea what big jobs are ahead of you.

Create the contract with (ask questions in channel GHSOL):

  • private to GHSOL (expands to Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc. on confirmation page)
  • 3 day expire
  • 1, 2 or 3 day complete depending on reward
  • 170M, 130M, 90M reward respectively
  • up to 337,500 m3 of cargo
  • up to 2 billion ISK collateral (170M reward gets you up to 4 billion ISK collateral)

NOTE: No containers nor plastic wraps in cargo!
Yes we deliver to Low-Sec !

OUR GUARANTEE: If your cargo doesn’t arrive by the deadline (starting from when YOU created the contract…not from when we happened to accepted it), we refund the difference in reward plus an additional 20M. So as an example you set up a contract with 1 day expire and 1 day complete, and your cargo arrives 25 hours later, you simply contact BeaconBoy SavesTheDay and get a 60M refunded.

Thanks for telling your friends, forward them a link to this post and send this news out via corp email!

And as always, if you know a JF pilot who wants to make 10’s of billions of ISK per month, send them our way! For the right hauler who performs well, our FREE FUEL and clear path to advance all the way to director is quite enticing!


I use them many times in the past, and near always they surprise me with the time for deliver. I give them some complicated Contracts, and 50% og the time the contract is picked in less than 10 min of the creation of the contract.

A very good alternative to Black frog or other corps, your deliver is in good hands always.

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Used them for first time today, on multiple contracts.

Even with 3 days to complete, i’ve been delivered quickly, i guess their price make them one of the best competitors for lowsec delivery at the moment.

I’m gonna use them again for large lowsec contracts.

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I have used GHSOL for a few months now, three contracts thus far, and I couldn’t be happier with the expediency of their service.

First time using their service, definitely will use again in the future… VERY FAST service, no complaints! Would recommend for anyone looking for fast delivery of their stuff!


These guys are awesome! Will definitely be using them again!

Good service our group use it all the time. Totally recommend it

Very good and speedy service. will use again! 9/10

Only downside is the collatteral limit.

Thanks for the business! To answer your question about collateral:

90M reward gets 2b of cargo (337,500 m3 max) moved anywhere except null sec in 3 days.

If you need higher collateral or faster service, we have 170M gets 4b of cargo moved in 24 hours!

If you have 8b, 12b or 16b of cargo, you simply break up the cargo into chunks and make multiple contracts each with a reward of 170M.

ps - Many, many years ago, we had a max collateral of 6b. But then CODE came along, and started ganking jump freighters in high sec. So we had to reduce the value of what we’ll carry to what you see today of 2b/4b.

Would use again. Completed my contract well before the time was even close to being up. Thanks for the great service. Will use again.

are u alive guys ? i hope so

Yes we are , helping your shipping needs. Jump to the GHSOL channel.

Keep in mind that the queue page that is posted on this page changed. For some reason everytimeI change it here it changes back to the old one. In the channel is the new queue page.

Nice, i will contract you soon something in both sides =)

This advertisement and feedback thread is no longer current. Check out our queue status, and use the sort/filter functionality to get exact delivery times between regions.

Go to our new feedback to see the new higher collaterals and new pricing to reflect the tripling of fuel prices (and PLEX costing 1.3b…those cyno alts end up costing 400M per month each)! Note that the 90M rate is still available though there’s more restrictions to use it.

Please update if your are alive. I was planning in use you to recover some things for the safety asset provided for the faction ctaldels.

I was on their channel few days ago and they took a break until may 30, I saw few GHSOL pilot in their channel.
So I think is picking up again. I recommend going to their channel. I used GHSOL a lot , and planning to use it a lot for the asset saferty.

I hope that function. I have now alpha characters on all the places i go to get safety asset. 20 days for now they will be very busy.

Send us that business! We’re ready to move whatever cargo you have at a cheaper price than the competition.

Just how far does 130M move your cargo with other courier corps? Across all of Eve like with GHSOL?

After several jump freighter losses, high sec ganking near trade hubs has necessitated a 25M surcharge for cargo destine for Jita and the surrounding systems. While I’ve held off for 3 years on making the decision to do this, the losses being sustained by haulers gave us very little choice in imposing this fee. Costs have to be passed on when they are sustained, and while I’ve successfully mitigated the higher fuel costs, the loss of jump freighters cannot be absorbed.

I certainly encourage discussion on this matter. I feel like I’ve looked at every alternative, but there are certain realities. Tacklers in Jita are rotated regularly and insta lock when you come through the gate. This means webbing or jumping back to the original cyno (or even an emergency cyno) is not a viable option anymore. And gank fleets are present (though not always active) in Jita during most hours of the day, so anything other than an gate without ships around it is just too dangerous to risk regularly.

IMO this is the final stages of CCP’s objective to change the face of hauling. If other courier corps impose this surcharge, you’ll see traders favor the other trade hubs to keep costs down. Once trading decentralizes, gank fleets will have to cover too many areas at once. And the cost of running a gank fleet operation for freighters in resources and players is still too high to do this more than a couple places across Eve.