Read my comment last comment down below for details more detail. TL:DR; Hard to offer FREE SHIPPING when circumstances do not let you fly the jump freighter.

TL:DR; One paid GHSOL courier contract before the CSM election ends, gets YOU one free load moved every month during my CSM term by the same alt IF beaconBoy SavesTheDay is elected to CSM.

Getting FREE SHIPPING is as simple as 1, 2, 3
1 - make one paid courier contract via GHSOL before the end of the CSM election (to give us a list of people eligible)
2 - BeaconBoy SavesTheDay is elected to the CSM (you can help by voting and getting others to vote!)
3 - Create a 0 reward GHSOL contract every calendar month starting in September with the same alt that created the first paid courier contract…and watch it get delivered for FREE!

As beaconBoy SavesTheDay has led Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc, GHSOL completed:

  • 14,000+ low sec contracts over nearly a decade
  • 2,400 low sec contracts in just 2023 so far
  • 3,500 FREE contracts for a large FW alliance’s members since last year

all while being the cheapest[1], quickest and also a moderator for Haulers Channel. Come to channel GHSOL in game, and beaconBoy SavesTheDay will show you how GHSOL can handle anything you throw at them!

Platform for CSM
Now beaconBoy SavesTheDay turns his attention to CSM…ready to focus CCP on several shortcomings. Making contract creation easier and more flexible, shippers and haulers will benefit leaving more time for YOU to play Eve. Triple wrap to support alliance hauling. And elevating hauling to be a clear careeer choice (in AIR Career Program at least). Make cynos great again!

Constituents (who get it…a successful election=FREE SHIPPING)
Whether you’re:

  • a pvper suddenly needing a replacement ship brought out from Jita,
  • a corp/alliance leader who helps your members spend less on logistics,
  • a trader who wants better margins through cheaper shipping costs,
  • an industrialist who needs forgotten items for a production run moved or just
  • a newer player lots of assets needing to be moved to join your next corp/alliance,

this free load shipped every month comes in handy! Make your life easier…it’s so simple to qualify by making just one paid GHSOL courier contract now. And remember to VOTE for beaconBoy SavesTheDay for CSM!

NOTE: Once you’ve decided that this is a good deal for you, you might consider how important it is for YOU to directly campaign for beaconBoy savesTheDay. Spread the word in your Discords, any Youtube/streamer’s comments, Eve forums, Reddit, etc so more people get this “free shipping” benefit and cast their #1 CSM vote for beaconBoy savesTheDay. This all only works if the election is successfully won by beaconBoy savesTheDay! Make sure to point all these potential voters to channel GHSOL in game for more details or questions.

[1] Proven by EVE Hauling Advisor that shows you all haulers quotes in a table from cheapest to most expensive. GHSOL is always at the top!


Highly recommend BeaconBoy, and his timely and competitively priced service. Always look forward to working with them in the future.

Just had a contract with GHSOL. By far the best pricing in all of New Eden. Frienly service too. Hat’s off to the haulers, they really are the backbone of this universe! VOTE beaconBoy savesTheDay

Time to get your FREE SHIPPING…come to channel GHSOL!

No time like the present to take advantage of this fantastic offer (especially if you’re already planning to move cargo)!

Looking forward to CCP announcing the CSM election schedule…stop by channel GHSOL in game and let’s chat about this!

Got stuff in asset safety…move it for free!

Highly recommended by his alts.

Speaking of alts…if you use different alts from the same Omega account with each making a paid GHSOL contract, that means you get get THREE free loads per month for all of 2023. Pretty good deal for just one vote!

Remember, all future free loads have to be made with the same alt that you created the paid GHSOL contracts with.

Will Monday be when CCP announces the CSM election schedule?

Hope you win beaconboy!


Big announcements from CCP but nothing about CSM elections yet

Start setting up your free shipping today!

CSM election in July…spend your next 210M on shipping with GHSOL today and be ready to vote and get FREE SHIPPING!

Heck of a deal!

Hehehe I wonder how a campaign advertising like this, would be received during IRL elections. It sounds a bit quid-pro-quoish.

Anyhow, good luck to all the candidates!!

FREE SHIPPING is a service so I’m not “giving” anything tangible away!

But hey, if you like to have this convenience every month throughout my term in CSM, well come to channel GHSOL and let’s get you all set up. And remember to vote!

CSM election is coming…get something more than just campaign promises! Get FREE SHIPPING for yourself!!

Come on by channel GHSOL in game and find out more!