When will CCP start accepting applications to run for CSM?

Will CCP announce the CSM election this week? Inquiring minds want to know!

CCP Swift has said, on the EVE O discord, that the minutes should be out next week. Hopefully when they come out they will include information on the next election.


Looking for those minutes this week and that hopefully CSM election announcement for the schedule!

Any update @CCP_Swift

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Applications will open in July for CSM 18 to take term September 26th, 2023

A bit later than usual, discussed here: CSM 17 Summit Recap and Upcoming Election Announcement


Thanks for the update! More time to pre-campaign!!

Almost a week into July…not even a hint from CCP about the CSM election announcement. I’ve already pre-announced in TURN YOUR CSM VOTE INTO FREE SHIPPING FOR MY WHOLE CSM TERM

Why not get something for yourself when you vote in the upcoming CSM election? One paid GHSOL contract comes back to you as 2.5b in hauling services over my CSM term!

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Lancers are quite possibly the largest threat to GHSOL.

Aside from a contract running late, that is.



Everybody’s wondering and waiting patiently.

It’s the middle of July and still no announcement on the upcoming CSM elections key dates.

If voting is supposed to begin in August, how long are players even going to have to run campaigns?

Is this going to be another big bloc controlled CSM, or could we possibly get some diversity this time around? The shorter the campaign timeframe, the less fair it is for any non bloc players to even attempt to run.

Also… When do we get to see Polaris through non-passworded wormholes?

There is nothing stopping folks from starting their campaigns now. Never hurt to get a jump on the competition

I’m excited to hear the enthusiasm for the upcoming CSM elections.

All the durations for each segment of the process remain the same as in previous years. The submission period begins August 1, 2023. More information can be found here: CSM 18 Announcement & Key Dates | EVE Online

I’d say the events of the last several months have built up the atmosphere of this election season to be QUITE spicy indeed!

Brisc, some of us have been campaigning for almost 2 months informally. I figured my grass roots effort (where voters get FREE SHIPPING if I win) might need more than 6 weeks to take hold.

But did you make one in the official csm candidate forum

from the offical announcement I quote

After you have been deemed eligible, you must create a campaign thread on the CSM section of the EVE Online forums


just saying there is an order to this and trying to skip steps is not the best start, eh?


Whoops my bad

Just a week to go!

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Since for whatever reason, I am unable to create a topic, I will leave this here.


There seems to be a contradiction between the application instructions, and the key dates.

The “How to apply” section says to fill out the application form between 3-18 August.

But the Key Dates section shows Candidate submissions are from 1-15 August.

Why is there a two day dead zone between the instructions saying when applications can be submitted, and the key dates?

One set of dates shows beginning Tuesday of next week, and the other shows beginning Thursday?

With processing being declared to take 72 hours, those that are able to submit beginning Tuesday will have their application processed before the end of the week.

For those that believe submission doesn’t begin until August 3rd, 72 hours will basically put their application processing into the weekend, which means they likely won’t get notification until the following Monday.

Either there is an incorrect explanation of when the submission date begins, or there are two ambiguous time frames for submission.

@Brisc_Rubal could probably answer you before swifty does

The dates in the “Key dates” are correct, as the application portal did open up on the 1st along with a follow-up announcement on the 1st.

Typo was fixed in the “how to apply” section before the 1st, as well :+1:

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