[Official] CSM 18 Application Period Now Closed*


The application period for CSM 18 is now officially closed. There are some candidates who have started the process but have not finished, and those applications are still being processed. Processing applications did take a bit longer than our 72 hour goal, so if you have applied but haven’t heard back then don’t worry! You should be hearing from us later today.



Maybe New Year Princess will be in it to win this!

Sweet! I can’t wait to pay $20 to elect a council majority that represents about 15% of the player base for the something-teenth time in a row! Just like in a real democracy!


Weekend Fleet Pack is $3.75


Null Null Null Null Null. Maybe Highsec.

Low? LOL

And no Brisc Rubal. The term limits rule should be scrapped. I hope he’ll be back again for the next CSM.

Thirst it is against The Rules (§ 2.9) to discuss …isms or …cracy, go read…

But since you started (and inb4), I wonder why electing majority is so stupid :thinking: Is it because of the genes or upbringing? …or maybe somebody like it so and thus can point finger and say you dum***its, I know better so you should be my slaves and do my bidding :confused:

We’ve already seen how it ends (not well): blood flows, heads are rolling, property get seized, and yet it repeats every few hundreds of years because people are still prompted to stay in dark :confused:

Worth to mention the timeline:

The full CSM18 candidates list is expected on 23rd August.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” --Some Old Earth Noble

–Parliamentarian Gadget

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