When will CCP start accepting applications to run for CSM?

I’ve pre-announced my candidacy today, because my novel approach to campaign needs extra time to spread by word of mouth. There’s a few links if folks are interested, and feel free to come by channel GHSOL in game where there’s a FAQ in the MoTD too.

I imagine that before we can post anything in CSM Campaigns, all the i’s have to be dotted and t’s crossed in the application.

@Brisc_Rubal may have some idea for you

Edit: I looked back, and it was this time last year that they announced the CSM election
its possible tomorrow 4/21/23 could be when they announce the CSM18 and early may is when applications start being accepted.

I expect there will be information about the next election soon™.


Good, I am also ‘champing at the bit’, here



Running again? Did you hit your head?


Will CCP announce the CSM election this week? Inquiring minds want to know!

CCP Swift has said, on the EVE O discord, that the minutes should be out next week. Hopefully when they come out they will include information on the next election.


Looking for those minutes this week and that hopefully CSM election announcement for the schedule!

Any update @CCP_Swift

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Applications will open in July for CSM 18 to take term September 26th, 2023

A bit later than usual, discussed here: CSM 17 Summit Recap and Upcoming Election Announcement


Thanks for the update! More time to pre-campaign!!