Ironman Logistics

Ironman Logistics
Hi all I’m Ironman I like to consider myself an online entrepreneur of sorts. I come from an odd community of flight sim to eve here I’ve stated off well got my self in a good position here now I’m ready to start opening up my services to all. Ironman Logistics is currently a one man show ran by me. Currently on offer I will do small mining contracts. As well Im offering a 150ISK flat rate for any trip under 20 jumps in length. Due to low funds I cannot afford to do any major low sec or null sec operations. But a small mining request in low sec isn’t entirely unreasonable at the right price. Also for new players I’m offering escort/ combat assistance against those pesky ai pirates. Again on a flat rate of 5,000 isk per high sec run low sec will cost you 10,000 isk and I’m unable to offer Null sec at this time unfortunately. I do plan to expand if you wanna join feel free to inquire below. Will work out a split on each job so if you complete a contract it’s all yours to take. Pretty simple I hope I can help you out with your next logistical contract! I have a channel set up in game I’d be glad to add anyone to that who is interested!

So did I get this right? You offer high sec transport and mining services and you can help with Npc missions?

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Yes sir indeed.

Okay how much volume you can handle?

Up to about 8,000 I have a variety of different options for my cargo fittings. If it’s low sec 7,800 m^3 is max

High Sec

I’ll be able to do up to 8,500. I can do more if it’s minerals/ores. 150,000isk per jump up to 10 jumps after ten it’s 200,000 per a jump. And if you wanna avoid using the in game contracts I require 50% down payment.

Ah okay. Sadly thats not enaugh. I can’t handle all the freight with my charon, but it’s not worth with under 1.000.000 m3

Id be glad to have you as a team member any order you fill you can have 100% of the profits. Will just grow together to expand the ablity of the company. I have a discord I started last night if your intrested.

I can’t transport all my produced goods and needed resources myself and now you want me to transport even more?^^

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lol no it’s your call just figured I’d mention the opportunity if you were interested in the idea to make some extra isk for yourself. If your wondering why I’m proposing it is simply because if you and I bolth are using this to find work then we may find each other work. Ya see what I mean like if someone were to ask u to do a job and for whatever reason you couldn’t or didn’t want to then I could maybe do it and same the other way also we could team up and split some as well.

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