★★★ Haulers Channel ★★★


Do you need something moved,?
Are you looking for work ?
Or just want some company while you grind ?

You should check out the Haulers Channel

Anyone is welcome to join regardless of who you work for,
this is a community channel where anyone can send/receive public courier contracts as freelancers,
receive intel on their routes, or just chat in general during long flights.
The end result is the largest logistic group in EVE, and we invite you onboard.

Benefits For Haulers

  • Intel reports for system on your route.
  • Contract awareness: contracts are linked in this channel as they are made.
  • No corp to join: no need to worry about wardecs,
  • No obligations: take the contracts you want, when you want them.
  • No commission: we don’t take a fee.

Benefits For Contractors

  • Unlimited haulers: all courier services and individual haulers are welcome in this channel.
  • Contract awareness: contracts linked in our channel can be seen by all haulers without delay.
  • No fixed rates: you choose your own contract rewards.
  • No contract queues: the more you pay the less you wait.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


A great service to the community!

Highly recommend.

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Great service for people looking to have stuff moved as well as those looking to make isk by hauling.

Friendly community that is always willing to help.

Highly recommend.

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Never had more fun interacting with all kind of people areound new eden… hell even gate campers and scammers need their ■■■■ to be moved! Love all the tears and happiness about it!

  • Learn the game around Hauling-Trading and more…

  • Have a lot of fun and keep you company to your long journey of Hauling stuff

  • Meet great people

  • and most important find jobs to haul and haulers to post your contracts to

Only in Haulers Channel

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I use this channel all the time, I would suggest anyone who needs things moved in high-sec but too lazy, to use this service.

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To Contractors,

Haulers Channel is the easiest way to get your goods to be shipped ASAP.

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Since coming back to the game. Hauling is great side work, while sitting back relaxing and chatting with others. Ever since I found the hauling channel. I rarely have to look at the contract menu and find work. There is always more than enough work being posted in the channel.

Plus they are a great group of people to chit chat about all aspects of eve with! Glad I found the channel. <3

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Ditto on Niaiah above - it’s my default channel in Eve.

The crowd is great and helpful, and it’s easy to get a question answered there. And it’s good for chewing the fat with folks while jumping your gates, or setting up trades.

10/10, would hang.

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If you haul even occasionally, keeping this channel up is only logical. I have received numerous private, profitable contracts by responding to requests within the channel. I would not have had these opportunities simply by searching the public listings. The moderators do a superb job of keeping the chat civil and diplomatic. They are polite in explaining the guidelines and etiquette of hauling in Eve.


This is good Channel as a part time hauler. Eventhough the contracts are good and the mods do thier best to protect everyone, you still need to remember EVE Rule #1 or is it #2? TRUST NO ONE!! Always check out who is giving the contract and thier history. The ships we use are expensive and we don’t want to be ganked when we can avoid it.

Fly Safe Space Trucker!!

-My Namis Mud


Great channel for getting courier contracts done. But, also great pilots who know their stuff when it comes to playing this great game we all enjoy.


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Fantastic Service. Had a T2 BPO delivered by these guys and was adviced on the best person to do it too. Also had a large Engineering complex with rigs delivered, all pricey items, all speedy deliveries.

Thx to all the friendly Haulers full of advice on the channel.

Highly recommended.



How about that Ydnari spam! They are always posting more and more contracts in the channel. I mean damn. Practically throwing isk at us haulers! So much freight, not enough time in the day.

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Have to agree greet room to be in while moving stuff


One of the more civil and pleasant chats that I have run into in eve. If you need a job done ‘like, yesterday’, this is the place to find a guy who will run it out for you in 15 minutes.


Hello Haulers Channel!

Let me introduce myself. I am Eurzadahn, Founder of The HEDWAY Network - A Citadel & Engineering Complex operator in Kador and Khanid space. It has come to our attention that our stations are not on the Haulers Channel good stations list. So let me inform you as to why our fleet of stations are worth being on your list. First off, our stations have been online and maintain uninterrupted service since our inauguration 18 months ago. We serve the Capsuleer public with over 14 public stations including: trade facilities, research and development laboratories, refining, and even capital and station production services. it is our goal with this posting to demonstrate that we wish to be regarded by haulers as a safe destination and a quality location to conduct business.

We are a recognized station operator that is truly worthy of your list. Our stations have been added to the PushX Approved Structures List. Our stations are the homes of multiple streamers including Hamektok, KenMastersGaming, Defiant Daniel, RootNegative, and Hidden Musings. We have received community features from community contributors such as Reload, Zarvox, EvocationzAdhere, & more.

Please feel free to contact me in game, Eurzadahn, or via mail. More information about us and our services may be found at www.hedway.net. You may also find info about us via twitter @ http://twitter.com/HEDWAY_Station. I will also leave behind a couple of our ads as well.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. I also hope to earn several spots on your list. Fly safe!



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Great channel with lots of awsome people!


Love this channel for its users :wink:

It’s a nice way to get contracts to haul


I’m disappointed… i setup a contract around 7 jumps from jita, overpaid it according to their base rate calculator, one of the mods grabbed it before i was able to post it to the channel. It’s a 7 jump contract with 620 m³ … fits perfect in a br. well that was half an hour ago. no gatecamps according to dotlan and eve-gatecheck…

they are ignoring their no hoarding rule. thanks for nothing but killing time.

one hour after acceptance still no delivery… i would sugguest if you are in a hurry and pay rush rates, that you’ll take a closer look into active peoples history and contract to them directly.