Haulers channel

Haulers channel is the place to go if you need things moved or are interested in an in-game career of moving things. More than a “service”, it’s a community with a general aim at courier contracts where anyone can come hang out and talk. If you’re interested, just hop into haulers channel in-game!

Other services such as red/black frog, PUSHX and GHSOL exist as private contracting services. They do their work reliably, as is well known. However, for absolute rush work, large number of contracts or wanting things moved at a lower cost (to a limit) nothing beats HC due to the number of haulers available and the number of contracts passing by daily. Even the haulers of the aforementioned services are known to make use of HC; they can access it and use it to get work from the public circuit just like anyone else.

Benefits for haulers:

  • a steady supply of contracts, held to the channel’s rules and thus lowering the chances of scams, gankbait etc. drastically.
  • there is no queue or expectations. You can simply take the contracts you want, when you want on a “first-come” basis.
  • no requirement in corporation, alliance, number of skill points. All you need is some ISK for your ship, for collateral in contracts and an interest in hauling.
  • HC is a public channel and community; not a paid service. All ISK is purely between contract issuer and hauler.
  • you can rely on a friendly and welcoming community to chat with and get good advice from the many experienced regulars.

Benefits for issuers

  • a large number of potential haulers to move things for you.
  • any contract posted is visible immediately and held in higher regard than contracts found in the default in-game listing.
  • no fixed rates. You can pay a bit less and still have things moved slower, or pay more and have things moved faster. Regular issuers will find rates that work best for their preferences. Remember though; the more you pay, the less you wait.
  • those unfamiliar with common rates can simply use the channel-provided tool for an estimate or ask in channel. Posting a contract in HC doesn’t necessarily need to be more complex than using the common hauling services.
  • there are no queues. The haulers are individuals, 10 very well paid jobs may move as fast as a single very well paid job, simply ran by 10 people.
  • outside of sov null, all locations are regularly serviced and the different haulers with different focus can all be found in a single place.

Benefits for newbies:

  • HC is a friendly and welcoming community. Questions are asked frequently and usually find a good answer with potential links to more information.
  • Despite being oriented on hauling, it is not the only thing talked about. People commonly talk or ask about trading, manufacturing, PvE playstyles and many miscellaneous game mechanics.
  • While hauling is one of many “it takes ISK to make ISK” professions, the community can still be of value simply to socialize and learn, even if you’re still growing towards being able to afford running your first contract.

A bit of history / about the channel

HC has existed for many years now. Originally it was created by rita jita to allow for easier public contracting of their own trading. It grew steadily, since the in-game tools for contracts aren’t stellar and there are many preying on haulers. Rita recruited moderators to help run the channel as it grew and as of the last few years, has not been actively handling the channel directly. Nowadays, it appears rita jita has moved on from EVE online but the moderators (including myself) are still very much maintaining the channel and keeping the rules that protect the community.

We seek to provide tools and resources where needed. The most obvious example is the (in)famous structure safelist, which began listing issuers and structures known to be used for courier scams in the two year period between courier contracts allowing structures and structures having a dropbox to allow delivery without docking rights. It was a very easy, very prevalent scam to set up and easy to fall into. Us moderators did what we could to allow people to evade it without negating the existence of structure courier contracts, especially as industry moved to said structures. It was commonly a daily battle of adding dozens of new alts, structures etc. but in the end if proved useful for the community so we kept at it. Nowadays it is deprecated, thankfully, as game mechanics have improved.



Regular channel qoutes:

“Needs more isk”
“Can i pls have some more?”
“Lol i muted ydnari…spammer in hc should be banned”
“Ok… who took that courier?”
“Pls read the MOTD”
“is this a good fit?”
“THat got accepted fast”

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It seems that channel desperately needs some “Gecko for 1 mil!” triple contract links. :wink:

Let me tell you about the Haulers Channel, as a newbro i couldt think of a better community for hauling. There is tons of knowledge and so many are willing to help.

Ive done 20 or so contracts and i havent seen anything shady. Also Yemontoshi is a great guy.

10/10 would Haul again.

I been using this room for a couple of years now. its the only place I go to when I need to ship or Haul something.
I move Couriers from here daily looking for a reliable service look us up Cesco we are here to move your stuff

Joined some time long ago to post some contracts that needed hauling.
It is my default chat tab ever since, regardless of contracts.

That said, if you don’t already know this channel, you will be surprised with how many things need hauling and how many things get moved every day.
Hauling is big.

Small bump to avoid thread closure.

As a Community based initiative, through both the Hauling & Anti-Ganking Channels, a group of Veteran Industry Players in AMARR ( Domain ) Region, have come together with the support from some local, Industry based Alliances & Corps, to help Ganked Freighter Pilots with our:

"Freighter Replacement Construction Project"

Through our dedicated help, support, advice and ship replacement channel, if you are skilled, own and regularly fly a Freighter, you are welcome to EVE-Mail or convo me direct, to be invited to our channel. Members of our channel also regularly check the zkillboards for any Freighter pilots that have been ganked in high sec. These pilots are then contacted directly and also invited to our channel.

We then discuss and negotiate with the pilot on the loss of their ship and do our best to assist and help them, by building them a replacement ship with standard fittings thrown in. These builds are then sold to those pilots at a discounted price to that of the current market price, across all hubs. We build ANY of the following Freighters:

Charon - Providence - Obelisk - Fenrir - Bowhead

We provide this service as our way of giving something back to help pilots that have been affected by the loss of their ship and to give them a helping hand to save some ISK, so they can get back on their feet, as quickly as possible.

It is also important to note, that this project is a community based, ‘not for profit’ initiative and is self funded and run by those Veteran players, who are NOT doing this to make ISK or for profit, but rather to help pilots that have been affected by the ganked loss of their ship. For more information, contact us via in game channels or EVE-Mail us directly. Cheers.

As a hauler I got banned from this channel for accidentally linking a screw up in that new crappy hypernet thing. Anyways I would love back in if at all possible. I am hauling a contract that was out of there right now…

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I’m always surprised on what happens at face value and what is hidden behind that mask. The other day Pantherius posts a freighter for sale and I jump on the post and buy the freighter and re-sell it because that’s what I do as a trader. This is a convo of that discussion between Myself and Pantherius. The Haulers channel isn’t all that its cracked up to be.

Re: …
From: Pantherius
Sent: 2019.12.14 06:14
To: Sasen Black,

Yea and someone else most likely would have required the use of such a ship… like most of the ships we have sold to worthy pilots who genuinely needed them and emailed us thanking us for the help we gave them in getting back on their feet. If you are so keen on selling ships like this to make profit, then get off ya ass, buy your own BPC’s and Minerals and build them yourself, unless of course you’re too lazy or useless to bother and would prefer taking advantage of others peoples projects.

It’s also pretty obvious by your actions how ■■■■■■■ selfish and greedy you are and that you are only interested in being the stingiest prick to buy whatever you can for the lowest price, just so you can shower yourself in pixellated profits and money that’s not even real. What a sad and pathetic life you must have, when there are a lot of things in life and in this game, far more important than money… its a shame you are too blind to see that…

Re: …
From: Sasen Black
Sent: 2019.12.14 06:04
To: Pantherius,

Then you should have put the ship into private contract instead of openly posting it in channel. If I didnt buy it someone else would have enough said on this matter

Re: …
From: Pantherius
Sent: 2019.12.14 06:03
To: Sasen Black,

I posted it there for a PILOT who WANTED AND NEEDED A BOWHEAD to use …or for a PILOT who may have lost one cos he was GANKED and who was trying to save a few bucks getting another one! And NOT to sell it to some profit greedy grub like you who a) tries to screw me down on price, then b) asks me to cancel a contract that has already been promoted with some channels that actually help affected pilots, just so that it can privately contracted to you cos you think you’re so god dam ■■■■■■■ special that you want everything done exactly the way you want it! Get off your hoity toity stuck up ■■■■■■■ high horse, cos the sun dont shine out of your ass like you think it does!

And our guys are not spending weeks donating BPC’s, buying minerals and then the time required to build and fit these ships to help people who genuinely need them, just so they can be snapped up by a prick like you who is so full of self importance, selfishness and who doesn’t give a ■■■■ about anyone else, except himself!

Re: …
From: Sasen Black
Sent: 2019.12.14 05:50
To: Pantherius,

Listen up. This is a trade channel you had the Bowhead posted in channel for sale end of story. If you don’t like that I bought it tough luck. I have more then 1 account since 2005

From: Pantherius
Sent: 2019.12.14 04:38
To: Sasen Black,

After opening the contracts tab, typing in your name and seeing the Bowhead for sale… we will be making it our business to ensure you NEVER buy another ship from us again… In simple terms you insult the very principles of the “not for profit” community project we are running here, and the help that we try to provide for Ganked pilots and those that are quite upset at the loss of their ships… all you give a ■■■■ about is making a few bucks, so after chatting with those involved with our project, they have told me to tell you that you can “Get ■■■■■■” and you will NEVER be sold one of our ships again… you are a greedy, selfish, ■■■■■■■ grub and we cant stand cunts like you that only care about lining your own pockets… I’ve already bought the Bowhead back and don’t care losing a 100 mill… just to spite a ■■■■ like you. We will sell our ships privately from now on to Pilots who genuinely needs all the help and support we can give them…


I’ve had to deal with Pantherius he doesn’t seem all that in isk or reflecting the values of the Haulers Channel

With hypernet being what it is (mostly a tool for scams) and how it is used, especially right as it was new (to spam channels everywhere), haulers channel set a one strike ban rule for the first few days/week of hypernet because of how many channels were getting flooded with the spam. That rule was clearly displayed in the MOTD visible every time you log in or join the channel. Also to note is that we removed the one strike rule once the spam for hypernet died down enough, and you were unbanned / your rule breach downgraded to a warning as we do with all advertising in channel. Hypernet linking still counts as advertising, it doesn’t belong in our channel.

As for pantherius; he is indeed not reflecting of the channel. He is not a moderator or even a regular in the channel, he simply chose to do his thing and we allowed it in the trade subchannel we have (and warned him multiple times NOT to put it in the main channel, as it is advertising…)

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This is a painfully newbie question: last night I tried to join the “haulers channel” and nothing came up, i.e. - I was all alone in my own chat window titled “haulers channel”. What obvious bone headed thing am I doing wrong?

I’m assuming you left out the quotation marks? Dunno. Typo maybe? It’s def called haulers channel, I’m in there right now.

it was pretty shitty what you done dude. but this is eve A$$OO are every where

As much as I love the corporations that move stuff, I feel for the newbros who are looking for public contracts, so I use Haulers Channel for all my public contracts, I pay decent enough and they are a great place to put the contracts.
Well moderated, on topic, and purposeful, Haulers Chan chan is a really super cool part of the Eve Online Experience.
Thank you.

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Yo im on a screenshot, mom im famous. Sorry about that hypernet post lol

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what i do wrong and u block from channel

I relish this channel, I think it is an excellent way to get things shifted quickly and various personalities work collectively. My entire concern orbits on the subject of Isk per jump on some particular contracts. Therefore, I wouldn’t use this channel to make Isk as a full-time income at all. perhaps as a side job if you’re going from one system to another. I feel there should be a minimum Isk per jump. Such as 1.25 million Isk per jump.

This been said, there are vast contracts out there but a lot of feeble examples such as;

Hereabouts is an example which shows a risk of 500 million Isk for a reward of 3 million Isk. Which over the entire journey is only 333.33 k Isk per jump? I believe it is demeaning for players to be offered a contract that gives 333.33 k Isk per jump when players struggle to make Isk by using this channel.

However, I feel it is unethical to scrutinise this without showing a genuine exceptional example of a courier contract,

This is what I feel is an excellent case, where the risk is again 500 million Isk but the reward is 40 million. Which gives you 1.81 million per jump.

On the whole this channel, a great crowd. I will continue to use this society and conceivably pick a few jobs up from time to time.

Many thanks,

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At F3nd1mus: Random chat and questions aside from purely contracts does occur within the channel. If you wish for nothing -but- contract links offered there is a mailing list where issuers can post. That hyperlink advertisement was against channel rules and is acted on as such. if you want to experience haulers channel, you do need to do more than read 6 messages and draw full conclusions from it.

At vaneaok rottweiler; case in point, you were banned from the channel for repeatedly posting a hypernet advertisement, getting a temporary mute and then advertising it again.

At viryn: yes, sadly our “no set prices” system does lead to some people lowballing to the extreme… typically they will get a lot of feedback from regulars when pay is too bad, and contracts sit until they fix them. There are of course different people with different standards, those with less isk may be willing to take shorter jobs at less than great pay if they’re making the trip in that direction anyway. Glad to hear you’re otherwise enjoying the channel and community, i’m sure you’ll find plenty of haulage to do.

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