Haulers channel

I don’t thing it is necessarily demeaning for contracts like that to be on offer. Some players are cheap, and occasionally, small contacts can be a space filler where there is still some room.

However, it may be masochistic to take on a contract like that (unless as above, it’s just an extra thing to put in the hold).

Please unbanned i do acccedently bro i am in this channel 3 years jump freighter THX

Please unbanned i do acccedently bro i am in this channel 3 years jump freighter THX…

Shoot me, “sliven halit”, “wipt lotsagold” and “ydnari” a group mail from whatever character is banned, one of us will look into the reason and communicate with you there.

im also baned or?why i can’t entrer?

Pandemic horde was banned from the channel due to increasing number of ganks on haulers (and a lot of other things too) from a large variation of PH corporations as well as co-operation with other very well known ganking groups. A few recent examples: https://zkillboard.com/kill/84078967/, https://zkillboard.com/kill/84044111/, https://zkillboard.com/kill/84044105/, https://zkillboard.com/kill/84042208/, https://zkillboard.com/kill/83944266/, https://zkillboard.com/kill/83906045/.

As a player in a corporation part of pandemic horde, you’re thus unable to enter channel.

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just recently found this channel and love it, its my fav channel regardless of hauling and great for hanging out and having up and asking questions on any topic it seems as mentioned above. Love it, and am surprised after doing a few contracts how into hauling I am, but even if not hauling I like having this channel up its great! Great community overall and environment to be in :smiley:

For some reason i can access the Haulers Channel with this account i can from my alt can admin pls advice thanks

Long Live SCC-Lounge!!
Just search “scc-lounge” in the ‘Open Channels’ dialog box in-game!

Bump for the channel, always appreciate the freelance workers who do what they do here, the mods handle the channel very well and I always use it for stuff that is just random or newbro small contracts.

Thank you.


I just found this channel will start using it when I have things to move… :wink:

Hello Everyone!!!
Am rather new to the game and to this Forum and I have a question…

I would like to get into hauling and was wondering what was the best/EZest ship to get into at an entry lvl to start doing some hauling?

Thanx in advence,

Use this channel for random contracts h et re and there

Hi, is it possible to include citadel to the safe list? What’s the procedure?

bump Best channel ingame!

Need something moved? Join Haulers Channel!


If I want to move some merchandise from null sec to jita what would I do, what kind of contract should I write up and is there anything extra should I include in it? How much extra isk should I include in the contract?

This is probably a bit late for this case, but general advice for asking help with creating contract, pricing, etc. is to just hop into the channel ingame. There’s pretty much always experienced haulers and/or issuers around that will happily help out. There’s too many factors that go into deciding the reward to give a simple answer via forum post, especially when it’s involving nullsec.

Small bump so the topic isn’t closed. HC is still around and active.

Hi, got banned from the channel for asking if a contract was bait (think it was after i was banned :P) any way to get back in?

hello, I tried to access the channel and didn’t get access, I made regular contracts in the last few weeks, but today I couldn’t access the channel