Want to start space trucking

Somewhat inexperienced player returning to the game after a long hiatus, and want to get into hauling.

Looking at the contracts, I see the collateral that I have to put up in too expensive for me just starting out.

So, my question is, do I need to put off starting hauling all together until I can build up a good amount of ISK just grinding out other things, or is there some other way to start?

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Unless you want to completely do this solo / in your own corp / as your own service, you can join one of the well established hauling corps / alliances.

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It actually never occurred to me to look for a Hauling Corp, that’s a great idea. Do you know of any off the top of your head?

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Just make sure not to join on your main, keep your main as a neutral :] to avoid contract trap’s.

Red Frogs is a good example

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You probably already know “Haulers channel”, the home of independent haulers and customers. It’s a chat channel not a corp. :wink:

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PushX (Ingame Channel: PushX) and Red Frogs (Ingame Channel: RF Freight) are the more popular hauling corps that you can look into.

Also Tipa suggested, ‘Haulers Channel’ is also a great place to go if you want to be solo. They also have a mailing list as well that you can join that people post contracts to as well.

Hope that helps and best of luck! :slight_smile:


Here’s some music to help you on those long hauls:

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